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Planning Family Vacation

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Family Vacation Package

There will be a need to travel because the Atlantis is located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Called the Atlantis Paradise Island, this vacation resort has so much to offer and so many activities that it's probably one of the only resorts in the world where you'll need a map to even get around!The accommodations here range from moderately priced to very expensive. Families on vacation here should consider staying in the Coral Towers, which is the most centrally located tower at Atlantis.

Planning a Family Vacation

When vacation rolls around every year, families are often frightened at the expense. We all shudder when the thought of spending thousands of dollars in less than a week crosses our minds. Of course we should feel this way, especially if we are unsure of the hotel accommodations we have made, or the destination we have picked.

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Child Custody Plans

In today's society, it is becoming increasingly common for single-parent families to be taking care of the children. As a result of the rising divorce rate along with individuals bearing children outside of marriage, child custody often becomes an issue that needs to be dealt with. It is important for both parents to be somewhat in agreement when it comes to the custody and the raising of the child.

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Child Custody Agreement

Mediation is a mandatory process in California that must take place before a contested issue regarding custody and visitation is heard in a litigated hearing. Mediation has a specific purpose and mediators should adhere to certain guidelines and standards when conducting mediation.

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