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Find A Divorce Lawyer And Make Your Divorce Less Painful

Find a divorce lawyer in the easiest manner! Yes, it's possible! Do you know that you can actually turn off a good divorce attorney simply by the way you present your case in front of them? Read on to find things that you had never thought about while looking for an attorney.

Things To Avoid While Talking With A Lawyer

Never say bad things about other lawyers in front of your family law attorney. The ultimate judgment is not in the hands of the notary. It's the judge who decides your case. A lawyer only defends you by producing evidence as well as logical arguments in the courtroom. If you bad-mouth, the lawyer would think of you as an unrealistic person and may avoid taking your case.

To find a divorce lawyer, you should concentrate more on your problem than on the number of dollars you will have to spend. Yes, it's wise to ask about the fee, but do not go into the details of a bill! You never know how the case will proceed or what tactic your opposite party legal representative will play. A good representative will never over-charge you. And remember, they will also spend their precious time over your case. This is not the time to be a miser.

Please do not express your strong desire to win. This is not a game! Have you ever thought that whether you get a divorce or not, both you and your spouse lose something or the other? To find a divorce lawyer, you need your feet to be firmly on the ground. Also, this is not the ground to take revenge, no matter how bitter or angry you are at your spouse. The only reason you are hiring an online attorney is to make the divorce proceeding efficient in court and to legalize your separation. Besides, the legal representative would also take care of issues like child custody, property division, alimony, and others. Therefore, see to it that you fiery nature does not irritate your lawyer.

It's not that difficult to find a divorce lawyer. However, many times, it's the client who makes the search process difficult, mostly unknowingly, by speaking certain things that he or she shouldn't. Therefore, watch your words while talking to your lawyer, but at the same time, be frank in discussing your problem. Sounds tough? It's not!

It's inevitable that you will have to find a divorce lawyer while going through a divorce. If you think an online divorce attorney is only a waste of money, you need to think again! Your divorce attorney can help you rise for the mess you have landed in.

Divorce Articles: How To Get The Most From A Divorce Article

There are many types of divorce articles available on the Internet by a variety of authors. What's below will help you get the most out of the divorce articles here on this site and anywhere else. The below information about divorce articles holds true for most any type of articles on the Internet as well.

When people seek out divorce articles on the Internet, they usually want some sort of information that will help them solve a problem they may be encountering. Of course, the article seeker may just want to be informed about a certain subject for a variety of other reasons. In order for someone to get the most out of divorce articles, they should consider the following items:

1. Divorce article validity based on the source:

When reading a divorce article, consider what the writer has in the way or credibility via credentials or life experience. Writers don't necessarily have to have advanced degrees to write a credible divorce article, they just have to have a true life experience that helps or otherwise informs in some way for the good of the reader.

2. Divorce article goal:

If you're reading a divorce article and you find yourself wondering what they goal of it is, try to figure out what the writer's intention was when writing the article. Articles are written for a variety of inform, to help someone improve their life, to sell a book, to sell a service or product, etc. Just because a divorce article is designed to sell a product or service as the end goal, it doesn't make that article less valid...if the intentions of the reader are also to help someone, and the reader gets something out of the article, chances are it is a worthwhile article.

3. Secondary message of the divorce article:

Take a look at what the divorce article is saying behind the scenes. Assess what you think the divorce article is trying to get across that isn't always apparent at the first reading. Sometimes authors deliberately write so the reader has to think a little more than in casual reading in order to fully get the message.

If the divorce article is designed to sell a product or service, decide whether or not the divorce article's theme goes hand in hand with the product or service...does it add value or complement the offering? If so, decide whether you'd like to try the product or service or at least review the product or service to see if it is for you. A reader can tell a lot about the product or service owner by the way the article is written. Is it off topic? Is it detailed? Will the concepts explained in the divorce article apply directly to you?

When reading divorce articles or any other articles on the Internet, always remember that the article is there for a reason. If the author seems to have good intentions chances are the author may have other articles or information worth your time.

About The Author

Karl Augustine Author, "A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce". *A resource recommended by marriage counselors to their clients.

divorce articles

Rhode Island Divorce Women Can Hurt Their Own Divorce!

As a Rhode Island lawyer I focus my practice on divorce and family law and I can tell you that I see this kind of thing all the time though I refuse to partake in it. Some women who feel scorned however will use any information they receive from friends, family, lawyers, etc... to exact any amount of pain and or retribution they can from their spouse regardless of the consequences to their actions to their spouse, to their spouse's family, to their children and sometimes even surprisingly to themselves.

Since I like using analogies and stories that I have seen in practice, a practical example here will help.

Pam's relationship with her husband Jerry has broken down. She isn't quite sure why although the tell-tale signs seem to be there. He is frequently working late. When he comes home there is little or no communication between he and his wife. Usually he doesn't stay home long but leaves to go do something or claims . Yes, some true stories are odder than fiction. Jerry, however, seems to have some strange fetish for Pam's oldest daughter Casey who is 31 years old and lives the next town over because he is always going over to see her. Or... at least this is what Pam discovers later on.

Pam sees the marriage breaking down and she can't live like this anymore so she tells Jerry. Jerry immediately moves out, takes a few of his choicest possessions and goes to stay with his mom and dad for a bit. Pam suspects that something is going on but isn't sure what.

The police show up at Pam's doorstep not long after and ask if she has any knowledge about Jerry's activities. Pam is confused. The police officer's badge says "Narcotics Division". Pam is worried. After a few questions Pam learns they are looking into Jerry and his possible sales of heroine to minors. Pam is aware that her daughter Casey once had some issues with drugs in her early years.

Pam is very upset and speaks with Casey who tells her mother that she is addicted to heroine and that her husband Jerry is not only an addict but that he has been dealing heroine for more than a year.

Pam speaks with her Rhode Island divorce lawyer who indicates to her that since Jerry still has a good job then she has the opportunity to get alimony through her divorce but that her claim may now be at risk because of Jerry's activities.

Pam says that she wants all the assets because Jerry is dealing drugs even though she has no proof that Jerry is a dealer or is even addicted.

Pam asks her lawyer about what happens to alimony if Jerry goes to jail. Pam's divorce lawyer simply asks her a question.

Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer: Pam, Do you think he can pay you any alimony if he is in jail?

Pam: No.

Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer: Then do you think it's in your best interests to have Jerry put in jail when you are making a claim for alimony?

Pam: No.

Pam is very upset and now believes that the drugs are the reason for the divorce. She is furious and let's the narcotics officers search the house and gather any information they want on Jerry. Pam becomes an informant for them on Jerry's activities and wants to prove how bad Jerry is, make him regret he ever did this and have him pay for life.

Jerry is arrested and is caught red-handed with enough drugs to float a barge. Jerry is held without bail and the district attorney isn't offering any deals. There is virtually no doubt that Jerry will be going to prison for quite some time thanks to Pam's assistance.

Pam feels vindicated. Pam now wants all the assets and for him to pay alimony.

Jerry has lost his job and whatever money he has made has either been spent or disappeared.

Jerry has no ability to pay alimony in the eyes of the court, but after a conference with counsel and the family court judge it's the consensus that since the drugs did not affect the value of the existing assets that Jerry is still entitled to a portion of them even if Pam should receive a bit more because Jerry has been supporting her for more than 10 years.

Pam is outraged. Her attorney gets her about 80% of the assets in a settlement. Pam is upset because it just isn't enough in her eyes.

Pam dug a whole here. Her anger and her desire to get retribution for a horrible wrong that the wanted to put right caused Jerry to end up in jail sooner than he might have. Pam's cooperation and action with the law enforcement authorities could have been delayed until her divorce was completed or might have provided her with leverage against her husband to get 100% of the assets.

There are lots of pitfalls here and lots of things to consider. The point here is that Pam took action that was clearly detrimental to her divorce claims. Parties who go to trial rarely, if ever, get 100% of the assets of a marriage from a judge. The more realistic number is 60% if there is wrongdoing involved by one party.

Pam was not happy even though she should be. She got more in the divorce than the vast majority of all women who go through the Rhode Island Divorce process. The chances that Pam might have received more are very slim.

However, if there was any chance to get more than the 80% of the assets from the marital estate it was lost when Pam insured that Jerry went to jail before her divorce was completed. Pam lost site of her own financial best interests in order to feel vindicated.

This is not uncommon for this to occur with a man or a woman yet I see it more frequently with women who feel wronged in a marriage.

Rule of thumb would be to listen to you divorce lawyer. You can't expect to get the results you hope to achieve if you act against your own best interests and then expect your lawyer to repair the damage you've done and get you what you want in the end.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. You should not take legal action without legal advice from a licensed practitioner who has been fully informed about your specific circumstances.

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Divorce Lawyer NYC Will Help You In Getting A Divorce Easily

Divorce is the termination of marriage and this can happen due to many reasons. It is one of the most harrowing experiences that a person can face in his or her life. This situation arises when there occurs some problems in the lives of the husband and wife and they are not able to cope with it. To take care of all the legal aspects a divorce lawyer who has the experience and the expertise is required. Lawyers expertise in various areas and people who are seeking divorce from their spouses must find a good divorce lawyer to handle all the legal aspect of it.

A divorce lawyer NYC represents his client's case in the court of law and puts all his effort and talent in winning the case. Being located in New York city, one can get assistance of any experienced lawyers who can present the case in the court. Divorce lawyer NYC struggles hard to give the case maximum attention and explores all the options that can help in winning the case. The lawyers will be very much loyal and faithful towards their client's case. He will consider each and every point in the case to get the divorce certificate for his client.

In a divorce case, there are various factors that have to be taken into consideration by the lawyer, like child custody, asset division, compensation and many more related things. These are some of the basic issues that a lawyer must take into consideration. Children suffer the utmost in this scenario. After taking care of all these points, a lawyer can successfully help the client in getting the divorce. The lawyer will definitely try to get the court decision in favor of the client. Divorce lawyer has to observe that every point that he or she presents in the court before the judge, has to be supported by convincing reasons. So that it can make the case strong enough to get the justice in the client's favor.

In the court of law, the lawyer as well as the client must keep endurance and understanding so that both of them can mutually co-operate each other. During the court session, the victim can face many tough situations along with mental pressure. For such situation the lawyer must take care to handle this properly. Before finalizing a lawyer, do make sure to know that the lawyer has the proper certification in law, since this will help you in following the legal procedures properly and the chances of winning the case will be maximum. Another thing that matters for hiring a lawyer is that he must have good knowledge of law and experience as well, so that it helps him find out every details and particulars

Apart from all these, the lawyer also needs to spend lot of time and money on the divorce case. Usually, many people are not able to hire a highly experienced lawyer because they are pricey. A good and reputed divorce lawyer will certainly ask for big money. But one can also find an affordable lawyer who will charge very nominal and so one can easily strive for the case. One can take references of the lawyer from those people who have gone through these tough situations. Well, there are also many organizations that involve themselves in providing inexpensive services to the people seeking divorce and other associated issues such as child custody.

Damyel Flower is an exprienced divorce lawyer. He has successfully handled many divorce cases.He gives advice to clients who are looking for Art lawyer,Divorce lawyer NYC,Pre-nup lawyer.To hire services of a lawyer in New York and any legal advice visit

Divorce: How To Survive A Divorce And Move On With Your Life

One out of every two marriages in America is failing.

American families are crumbling and vanishing.

Most families have become dysfunctional, and it is widely becoming fashionable to come from a dysfunctional family.

Divorce is on the rise all the time.

Your self-esteem - what you think of yourself in relation to other people - is the basic secret of your success or failure in life.

Here are some marital insights to help you survive a divorce and live the rest of your life happily.

It's really as simple as that... Think well of yourself, and you'll do well.

Think disparagingly of yourself, and you'll probably not do very well at all .

It is natural to have a low self-esteem after going through a divorce.

In fact, the blow dealt to one's self-esteem by divorce is lethal and crushing enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity.

There may be very justifiable reasons to end a marriage and get a divorce.

The way I see it, it should be preferable to end a problematic Marriage than to stay and keep suffering, being abused and endangering one's life.

This is common sense.

It makes a great sense to end the marriage , seek a divorce and find a much better partner in life.

Nobody is above making a mistake.

But when you make a mistake in the choice of your life partner, be reasonable to realize it, end the marriage, find another partner and continue with your life.

There are billions of human beings on earth, and one should be able to find a compatible partner to continue one's life.

When a marriage ends in divorce, one should have a good attitude about it.

But this not always easy for most spouses.

They tend to continue to remain attached to their ex-partners.

They continue to agonize over the break-up and blame each other for the failure.

They are filled with anger, self-loathing, regrets, anxiety and frustration due to the failed marriage.

They continue to let the memories about the failed marriage linger on.

After a divorce, the correct attitude will be to consider the marriage dead and let go of all feelings regarding it and move on with ones's life.

It may take sometime for you to go through the necessary healing that has to take place before you are able to recognize and enjoy happiness again.

Even so, the most important and the very first thing you must do following the break-up of any kind of relationship, is to get started on the rebuilding of your self-esteem.

This means that you have to accept the fact that neither you or anyone else is perfect - determine that you will learn from your mistakes - and that you will become whatever it is you aspire to be.

Immediately, do something that makes you feel good - something you've been wanted to do for some time - or always wanted to do.

This could be getting a new hair-do, buying a new suit, enrolling in a special self-improvement course, starting a new job or business, or even taking an extended vacation.

You may also relocate and move to another city.

This is one way of leaving all memories of the failed marriage behind.

You mustn't lock yourself in your house or apartment and keep brooding over the failed marriage.

You mustn't be afraid to get out and associate with people.

You mustn't stop enjoying life!

You may have to force yourself, but you must "forget" about mourning your loss and continue with your life.

You must go on with your life with a stronger determination than ever, to be the person you want to be.

Don't "beat yourself over the head" with feelings of guilt.

Get rid of your anger as quickly as possible.

Forget about the past. Focus on the present and the future.

Get on with the rest of your life without delay!

Revitalize those ambitions that have been "hidden away" in the back of your mind, and consider this particular time in your life as an opportunity for a new start.

Do some introspection relative to what it is you want out of life reorganize your time and efforts to attain those objectives and go for it with all you've got!

The way you feel about yourself has a strong reflection on the way you feel about others.

When things are not quite right, the first thing that needs to be changed is your disposition - your attitude, feelings towards other people, and your emotional responses.

Think about your facial expressions and the tone of your voice when you're talking with other people.

Being aware of these things with consideration towards other people, will "bring you out of your-self" and allow other people to want to know more about you.

You have to forget about and let go of, the past.

Anything and everything that happened yesterday is long gone and cannot be changed.

You have the rest of your life from this moment on, to achieve love - happiness - fame and fortune.

Whatever it is you want in life can be yours.

All that's necessary to make any dream come true is a true understanding of what you want, and determination on your part to make it all happen according to your plan.

Think about what you want -prepare yourself to get it - focus your efforts on the fulfillment of your ambitions - and there's nothing that can stop you from total realization!

If you're a man, after divorce, desist from condemning all the women as devils.

Just because your marriage didn't work out with one woman doesn't mean that all women are evil.

If you're a woman, after your divorce, don't conclude that all men are evil.

Just because your marriage didn't work out with one man doesn't mean that all men are evil.

It is also not a good reason to become a lesbian!

There are billions of men in the world.

If it doesn't work with one man, it may work with another, so go for it.

So, the first thing relative to rebuilding one's self-esteem - following a divorce, or the loss of a loved one by any circumstances - is to understand why you hurt, and what is necessary in order to be happy again.

It is essential that you think of YOURSELF in terms of the kind of life you want for yourself know that you can have it all because you've laid the foundation, done your homework, and you're on a positive road towards achievement and then get busy "making tracks" in that direction.

In simple terms - it hurts, but you're not dead - you're only wasting time thinking about or rehashing the past because there's no way anything that happened yesterday or the day before can be changed - so quickly pick up the pieces, and get on with your life!

May these insights about life after divorce help you to find a new meaning in life and to move on and prosper and be happy for the rest of your life.


I-key Benney, CEO

If you want more information on how the 'new' face of divorce impacts you and tips on how to navigate the system, find out how at and

This Is Not Your Parent's Divorce 7 Ways Divorce Is Different Today

1. More people are getting divorced. 50% of all first marriages end in divorce. 60% of second marriages end up in divorce. This is nothing like divorce of even 20 years ago.

2.The cost of divorce is escalating. In southern California some divorce attorneys charge $650 an hour or more. We are beginning to see a two tiered system: the upper middle classes and above hire a divorce attorney. Everyone else goes in pro per due to lack of funds. Legal services are priced like any other service in a free market economy. Whatever the market will bear is the price we pay. With so many needing a divorce, an attorney can choose the well off and ignore the rest.

3. Lawyers can be picky. Even within the selected group that can afford an attorney, attorneys are so busy they can pick and choose their clients. Too many red flags and they will not take your case. A red flag can be female, lack of sufficient assets to litigate for a long time. Why is a woman a red flag? Lawyers don't want stories, and women like to tell the history of the marriage. Women often don't control the funds and it is easier to obtain a retainer from a male. Women are often more emotional and this puts them at a disadvantage.

4. More custody battles. The tender years doctrine is, alas, gone. Little babies are being taken from moms and given more visiting time to dad and sometimes sole custody. If mothers want their children, they often have to fight for them in a long and protracted battle.

5. Divorce has become a 60 billion plus industry. This includes what has come to be known as the "whores of the court." These are the evaluators, guadian at litems, therapists, career counselors and forensic accountants. The more you fight about, the more they pop up like mushrooms. You have a right to question, and say no to these people. If your attorney tells you otherwise, find someone who will tell you the truth.

6. A marriage is an economic unit controlled by the state. Marriages have become more complex as our financial lives have become more complex. Breaking up is not simple. It has all the elements of a corporation and must be treated as such. Breach of fiduciary duty used to be a concept most often talked about in the corporate world. Now, it relates as much to ending the economic unit called marriage.

7. People in their 40's, 50"s and 60's make up most of the divorce population. It didn't used to be this way. This demographic has more money, houses, boats, toys in general. This leads to a lot of hidden assets. Men are generally better at hiding assets than women. When a woman tells her attorney, "I know there is more - he's hiding assets." she is probably right. But watch out...the biggest change in years in divorce has not impacted the attorneys. They do not do proper discovery, they are left behind with the world of easier less complex divorces. Consider a civil litigator rather than a family law attorney to handle complex property matters.

Ready for the next marriage? PRENUP!

If you want more information on how the 'new' face of divorce impacts you and tips on how to navigate the system, find out how at and

It's inevitable that you will have to find a divorce lawyer while going through a divorce. If you think an online divorce attorney is only a waste of money, you need to think again! Your divorce attorney can help you rise for the mess you have landed in.

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