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Going Through Divorce

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Hire The Best Celebrity Divorce Lawyer To Handle Your Divorce Case

When faced with making difficult decisions in life, many individuals lose the power to think and act rationally and then they require the support and guidance of others, in order to make the right choice. A divorce is one such emotionally devastating experience, which some couples may have to face when differences between them become irreconcilable. So, in a divorce case, neither of the individuals is in a frame of mind to handle the situation alone. Hence, the services of a divorce lawyer are most crucial in such cases. Now there may be different category of lawyers and it is a tough decision to choose the best among the professionals. However, one can make a safe choice by opting for the services of a celebrity divorce lawyer, who is usually in the limelight due to his high profile cases and much information can be easily gathered about the method of working of such a lawyer.

A celebrity divorce lawyer handles the divorce cases of celebrities and therefore, it is evident that the lawyer will be well accustomed to handling high profile cases with discretion and a high level of expertise. When a professional is constantly in the limelight, his method of working improves due to the severe scrutiny that his work receives and same is the case with a celebrity divorce lawyer. So, any individual, who can afford to pay the higher charges of such a lawyer, should undoubtedly employ the professional services of a lawyer handling celebrity cases.

It is easy to get information about any celebrity divorce lawyer from the internet or even the yellow pages. A potential client should also find out about the previous track record of the lawyer and his success rate, before hiring a particular to handle his case. Also the lawyer must be contacted well in advance to ensure that he has the time and is willing to take up a particular case, as such lawyers usually have a very busy work schedule. Once a lawyer has been finalized, the client must ensure that he and his lawyer share a mutual relation of trust and all facts of the divorce case have been made known to the lawyer. The divorce lawyer will look into all aspects of the case and accordingly plan his case, keeping in mind all the legal loopholes, the strengths and weaknesses of the case and of course, the needs of his client.

A divorce often involves the settlement of various sensitive issues like financial settlements, alimony payments, division of assets and even the custody of children. A celebrity lawyer is used to dealing with such issues on a regular basis and in a discreet manner and this should be a major advantage for the client. The confidence of the lawyer in his abilities and experience in handling similar divorce cases also have a major influence on the case and hence it would be worth hiring a high profile lawyer to fight out a divorce case, and even though the associated costs would be higher, but the outcome will be worth it.

Damyel Flower is an experienced divorce lawyer. He has successfully handled many divorce cases.He gives advice to clients who are looking for Art lawyer, Divorce Lawyer NYC, Celebrity divorce lawyer and Divorce Lawyer New York. To hire services of a lawyer in New York and any legal advice visit

Divorce Baggage Steals Happiness 3 Tips For Lightening Your Load Post Divorce

"The things you want are always possible it is just that the way to get them is not always apparent. The only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life is you, and that can be a considerable obstacle because you carry the baggage of insecurities and past experience."

- Les Brown

If you are anything like me you've got bag upon bag of baggage from the past. It hasn't done me a lick of good to clutch it like a prize, and it won't benefit you either. As a matter of fact, any baggage you carry today will steal your happiness and well being of tomorrow.

Think of all the things that left emotional scars and created your fears - these things will inhibit your ability to take chances and follow your dreams.

So here's three ways to lighten your load:

1. Pack your baggage in a suitcase and beam it to the sun. Watch as every dark aspect from your past floats out of your valise- see the sun's powerful rays zap them into light.

2. Re-write your past. First write it as it was and then write it the way YOU would have liked it to have happened. Burn the first draft - and as you watch it go up in flames confirm to yourself that reality no longer exists. Read your re-write out loud over and over until it becomes your truth.

3. Ask yourself how you can take your thoughts about the past and let them go so that you can live fully in the present.

The only thing you'll carry now is pen and paper to write enough positive affirmations and pleasant thoughts to soothe the past and fill your newly empty suitcase.

Whenever you remove a negative thought or pattern you need to fill that space with something positive or you run the risk of filling back up with the same old burdensome baggage. And we all want to travel light, don't we?

BONUS TIP: For more successful strategies on how to ditch the past I invite you to visit

Authored by Sherri Nickols - inspirational coach to separated and divorced women ready for break through change.

Best Divorce Lawyers They Can Even Prevent A Divorce Or Have It Done In A Day!

Want the best divorce lawyers and don't know how to go about finding them? Well, you are at the right place. We will help you find a divorce lawyer through some simple steps. Read on...

The First Meeting

Just talking on the phone is not enough. You must have a face-to-face interaction with your online divorce attorney to judge his or her credibility. Besides, you need to check whether you feel at ease discussing your personal problems with the stranger sitting in front of you or not. And remember if you are an introvert, it's not the lawyer's problem. Open up with him or her and talk in detail about your dilemma.

The good thing is that there is no charge for the first consultation session. The best divorce lawyers are smart enough to make you out so their first session with the client is more of an interview than a consultation session!

Questions To Ask

It's time to don the hat of an interviewer yourself and start shooting questions! Enquire about their experience and how many cases they have won so far. Ask them about their workload and how many similar cases they have handled till date. Next ask their fee. Some of the best divorce lawyers charge a flat fee while others charge hourly fee after the case is filed in court.

Quick Tip

Here is a quick tip to know whether the divorce attorney is right for your case or not - he or she should welcome every question of yours and answer willingly. If this does not happen, then it's time to look for another lawyer.

The best divorce lawyers talk more in the interest of their clients than their own. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that their client gets what they deserve. Money will follow, they know. But, they are not obsessed by it. If you come across such a lawyer, catch him or her with both hands!

And remember best divorce lawyers don't always encourage divorce. They may even advise you find a way to save your marriage through counseling.

The best divorce lawyers have qualities that make them different from other lawyers. Once you interact with an online divorce attorney, you will at once know why they are called the best. It is no longer difficult to find a divorce attorney anymore.

Divorce Advice How To Take Care Of Yourself Emotionally To Get Through Your Divorce

Going through a divorce is probably one of the most gut-wrenching experiences a person can go through. This article focuses on strategies that should ease some of the pain of divorce, and should make it possible to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

One of the hardest realizations that people going through divorces have to come to terms with is accepting that the person they once shared their hopes and dreams with has now become an adversary. The manner in which both parties confront their differences greatly impacts the intensity of their adjustment and the difficulties they will face going forward. This article has been designed to highlight important steps you can take to make a significant difference in your adjustment to your divorce.

1. Grieve and vent as much as you need to, but then take the time to learn from what you have been through. The divorce involves two people, so it is important to honestly appraise your role in the break-up, rather than solely and narrow-mindedly blaming your spouse. The more you explore the reasons and issues that compromised your marriage, the more you will learn about yourself. The insights that you gain should pay huge dividends as you go forward in your life.

2. Reach out to trusted friends and loved ones. These are the ones who will sustain you through this tough time. However,make sure to treat these relationships with care. These people are not obligated to be there for you. They want to be there for you. Show your appreciation by paying close attention to their needs as well, and do not take advantage.

Your loved ones will readily show their support if you are considerate of their feelings and schedules. Make sure to ask regularly about what's going on with them! While no one expects you to put on a "happy face" during this time, be careful of being so negative that your loved ones dread your call.

3. Focus on your kids' needs as much as your own. Your children did not ask to have their lives turned upside down. Be sensitive to the impact that the divorce will have on their lives. Even though you are in tremendous pain, do your best to maintain the continuity and structure of your children's routines. We understand that you will need to vent and cry. Try to do your grieving when the kids are not with you, so that you can be as emotionally available to them as you can.

4. Make sure that you get the best legal representation that you can afford. Get several references, especially from people who have personally been represented by this attorney. It is frightening to put your faith in your lawyer, and to put your life into his-her hands. Interview several, and if a trusted family member or friend can come with you to the initial appointment it might help. The person you bring with you might ask questions you do not think of or are too intimidated to ask. Also, they might be able to remember things that you don't or have another perspective about which attorney to hire.

5. There are some marital situations that lend themselves very well to mediation. Adversarial litigation is financially costly and usually emotionally draining, so in those instances where mediation can be effective, you and your spouse may be spared a heavy toll. Mediation might be effective if:

a. You believe that it is possible for you and your spouse to sit together in a room and reasonably discuss your differences.

b. Your assets are straightforward

c. You are largely in agreement about how you will divide custody arrangements, and can reasonably co-parent. You might then be able to mediate a settlement that will suit the well-being and interests of your children.

6. Build a support network for yourself. Now is the time to reach out for the support of trusted friends and family. However, getting involved with a supportive group of people going through the same experiences can be enormously helpful. Spending time with other people who are also going through a divorce also can be key to defining yourself as newly single, and becoming comfortable with this role. Your local Y or community center might offer a divorce group for people in your community.

7. Decide to take the high road. Although you are understandably angry and hurt, there is no benefit to you or your children to bad-mouth your ex-spouse. Not only does it make every one around you uncomfortable, it compromises your healing and adjustment and keeps you in a negative place.

The life you build for yourself after your divorce is up to you. You have a choice to either move beyond the hurt and pain or to stay stuck in a bitter, angry place. The choice is yours!

And now I would like to invite you to discover the secrets to moving past the heartache of your divorce. It is indeed possible to build a fulfilling new life and to create the extraordinary relationships that you've been yearning for!


This is a website devoted to your most pressing divorce issues. While there, be sure to sign up free of charge to Smart Connections, two newsletters dedicated to making dramatic changes in your most important relationships.

To sign up, visit: and click on the free newsletter sign-up link.

You are invited to learn more about Linda by visiting her website,

Effects Of Divorce What Should You Consider When You're Thinking About Divorce?

More often than not people decide to get a divorce before they really think about the effects of divorce. People usually decide to get a divorce based on emotion rather than logic which can hinder their long term happiness.

Still, there are those that make their decision about getting a divorce by taking into account the effects that divorce can have on everyone involved. Some effects of divorce can be positive depending on your situation even though 'divorce' is usually seen in a negative light. The effects of divorce are far too many to list here so let's concentrate on effects of divorce that seem most apparent and that address making a decision about divorce.

Obviously one of the most common effects of divorce is how the divorce will change the money flow for the people involved in the divorce. A change in cash flow affects the freedom we have and it can change the lifestyle we have. A change in housing, work, travel, shopping, etc., make people stop and think about how deeply "money" will have on their life after divorce. While a "change in money flow" is a consideration and a true hard effect of divorce, there's other effects that might carry greater weight in the decision making process.

An effect of divorce that some people need to consider is the change that children will need to go through if a divorce occurs. Children can be strong during this time, but it is up to the parents to make sure the transition is as painless as possible. Some people actually stay in unhappy marriages solely because of the fact that there are children involved. The change children go through as an effect of divorce is complex...if you are curious as to how to ensure this transition is as painless as possible for your children, educate yourself and possibly seek professional advice.

'"Fear", as an effect of divorce?'

Yes, fear is a real live effect that divorce can have on some people. Fear of loss.fear of the unknown.fear of lack of self confidence.fear of change.fear of a depreciation in emotional health.etc. The list goes on and on. Combating fear is a difficult thing to do but in conquering fear you will be one step further to your goal of emotional health.

Not all seemingly negative things or events in life are truly 100% negative. If you've been divorced, are currently going through a divorce, or are deciding about getting a divorce, you have a rare opportunity to use the experience to grow emotionally and increase your inner-strength.

The effects of divorce and how you label them will be determined by how you act while going through the divorce and what your focus is after the divorce is over.

You should want to look back and identify the positive effects of divorce as they pertain to your own situation.

Having "positive self reflection" when the dust settles is a goal that, if attained, will make you feel good about yourself. When you're looking back on the experience of divorce or the decision process of divorce, you want to be able to answer the following question positively. "Did I grow emotionally and personally during this tumultuous time?" The effects of divorce are far reaching...look inward and plan accordingly.

Having "positive self reflection" when the dust settles is a goal that, if attained, will make you feel good about yourself. When you're looking back on the experience of divorce or the decision process of divorce, you want to be able to answer the following question positively. "Did I grow emotionally and personally during this tumultuous time?" The effects of divorce are far reaching...look inward and plan accordingly.

Karl Augustine, 2004
"A Practical Guide To Deciding Whether Or Not To Get A Divorce"
An eBook recommended by marriage counselors to their clients.
Effects of Divorce
Read the 1st 2 Chapters of This Unique Ebook System FREE!

Divorce Advice For Women 3 Tips On How To Lead A Winning Life Post Divorce

Does your life feel like Mr. Toad's wild ride with no end in sight? Just when you're getting a handle on things does a new twist in the road send you skidding? If I could give you a sure-fire way to make your journey more enjoyable would you be interested? Well then, read on for ways to ensure a brighter future.

There has been a lot written about the power of visualization but I never knew just how powerful it was till I tried it first hand. When I divorced I became interested in a man who was about as easy to cross paths with as the president. I had no idea how I was going to get his attention but I had faith I would be shown the way.

I consistently visualized myself with him and told my friends I was going to date him. I could tell by their courtesy smiles they thought I was delusional. I didn't care - I knew somehow it would manifest. My process was visioning, journaling and talking as though it was happening. And guess what - the universe brought it to me.

So, if you would like to be more in control of your future whether that means to manifest a new relationship or experience smoother negotiations with your ex - give these tools a try.

Tool #1 -

. Journal your new life for 15 minutes every day as though you are enjoying it now. . Write as specifically as possible - how you'll feel living your dream, addressing all the senses. . Spend 17 seconds verbalizing to the universe what you want and why you want it. . While you are talking envision all that you want. . Stay focused - if you change your mind or waffle you'll cancel the full power of this tool.

Tool #2

. Make a photo album of your new life and study it diligently every day for 15 minutes. . Go on Google and grab images of the lifestyle you want or the people you want to play with. . Insert your photo and create stories to go with these images. Notice how you feel. . This tool will completely change your life. The mind will work to fulfill your visions.


Thinking, saying and visualizing what you want for 17 seconds is far more effective than applying 2000 hours of action.

To help you stay focused:

. write a one-sentence affirmation or prayer for something you want 9 times with your dominant hand. . Write it three times with your non-dominant hand. . Switch and write it eight more times with your dominant hand.

As you learn to ask for what you want, pay attention because you will get answers. The final step is to trust what you hear, see and feel.

Congratulations - by putting the above tools into play you will soon be creating magic. Instead of a wild unpredictable ride you'll be on a rocket heading straight for the moon.

Bonus Tip - I now invite you to visit for more success strategies that will teach you how to re-invent your life so that it works to your advantage.

Authored by Sherri Nickols - inspirational coach to divorced and separated women experiencing emotional challenges who are ready to move forward for a sparkling new life. Free weekly calls/interviews with life changing techniques.

Damyel Flower is an experienced divorce lawyer. He has successfully handled many divorce cases.He gives advice to clients who are looking for Art lawyer, Divorce Lawyer NYC, Celebrity divorce lawyer and Divorce Lawyer New York. To hire services of a lawyer in New York and any legal advice visit

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