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Divorce Support For Men Dealing With Divorce And Separation

With the statistics showing that divorce is at an all time high the level of support for divorcees has skyrocketed to help people get through this very difficult time in their lives and find a way to move on. Unfortunately that level of support is extremely skewed to help women, not men dealing with divorce! So with divorce support for men so low what does a man after divorce do? Or perhaps more importantly what should they not do!

The first problem most guys face is coping with the reality of being a divorcee. This can sometimes take some time to sink in and before the realization settles men can go through a wide range of emotions and actions. Many can refuse to believe they are really divorced, in their hearts they are still married even if they do not feel in love and others feel in love but feel separated. To cope with these things men will usually do one of two things: Nothing or Everything! When they do nothing they can become deeply depressed and a recent statistic shows they are much more likely than the woman to commit suicide, whether this stems from the lack of support for men compared to women or just that men are more susceptible to these things is unclear but since men are usually creatures of action doing the opposite can be very detrimental to their mental health.

The opposite effect is that the man tries to cope with this new situation by doing as much as he can with his life so he does not have to focus on his emotions. A great focus on work or on socializing or some other activity to keep himself busy becomes the main goal in the mans life. While this can be better than the lethargy of depression men often do things they regret during this period such as sleeping around to fill the void of intimacy, alcoholism, getting into fights, and of course not resolving their emotional conflict.

To compound these issues women are more likely to have a social network of friends they can rely on to help them emotionally whereas the man will not have the relationships with his friends to talk about such things and the man himself may not feel comfortable looking for help from other men even professionals.

So where is a divorced man suppose to go for help? There may be no perfect advice for men after divorce and while we can generalize on the character of males we are all different enough that we all need different solutions. The best advice I have heard however that man is is a natural problem solver, give a man the information and tools he needs to solve a problem and he will eventually build something that works. Divorce support for men may simply be giving a man as much easily accessed information so he can occupy himself with solving his own problems. Men dealing with divorce and separation may always be seen as lesser problem than the women but thanks to the internet it is much easier for men to access the help they need without the social stigma and embarrassment they might feel in real life.

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Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Will Handle The Divorce Case Efficiently

Every other case that is being filed in the court of law requires the handling of some or the other special lawyer for it. There are a variety of cases that are fought in the courts. Divorce cases, child custody case, recovering compensation case and many other civil or criminal cases are being fought. When it comes to the matter of fighting the divorce case, then the assistance of divorce lawyer is sought after. Whether it happens to be a celebrity divorce case or the general category one, divorce lawyer has to be professionally qualified for that. After all, divorce is a sensitive issue that requires careful listening and arguing certain points that will decide the matter.

If you are planning to become a celebrity divorce lawyer, then you have to take care of many things. First of all, you are required to acquire a specialized degree in this area of law practice and the degree has to be of a recognized institution. After completing your celebrity divorce lawyer specialization degree, you should immediately become a member of the state bar of that particular area. In doing so, you will get to have a validation certificate to carry out your law practice. It will also help you in having access to all the divorce law books that will be of great help to you.

In order to make yourself more efficient in your practice, it is always better to work on internship basis and that too under the guidance of senior lawyer. In doing so, you will learn about the ways and methods that can be applied in handling the celebrity divorce cases. Being a celebrity divorce lawyer is not an easy task. You have to mug up all the previous and new laws regarding this matter and apply them carefully wherever necessary. As a celebrity divorce lawyer, you will be representing your client in the court of law and have to take care that necessary laws are being applied to turn the cession in your client's favor.

One of the important aspects that a celebrity divorce lawyer has to handle is the custody of the child. In this case, the judge will listen to both the parties and decide on the matter that who will carry on the upbringing of the child. In order to handle this issue, being a celebrity divorce lawyer, you have to be updated on all the laws that will be helpful in representing the case in the court. Another issue that may come across you as a celebrity divorce lawyer is the case of recovering compensation for proper upbringing of child. In this matter, you will have to guide your client in certain controversial issues that may crop up within the case hearings.

Today, the market is really competitive and you may find other fellow celebrity divorce lawyer that will be offering their services in affordable rates. You have to analyze the market results and keep your price reasonable, so that you can polish your law practice more and more. Another thing you can do is have an official site of yours, so that a variety of celebrities and other important people may come across your work efficiency.

Damyel Flower is an experienced divorce lawyer. He has successfully handled many divorce cases.He gives advice to clients who are looking for Art lawyer,Divorce lawyer NYC,Pre-nup lawyer.To hire services of a lawyer in New York and any legal advice visit

Divorce From A Different Perspective 7 Don'ts When Going Through A Divorce

The normal point of belief is to trust your spouse, but when you are in the process of a divorce, you will have to imagine you are engaged in "warfare." As strange as that may sound, it is a reality in most cases. Your life will change drastically in a very short time so you must think defensively in order to protect your future.

Following are a few points to ponder:

1. Don't , in any case, use your spouse's lawyer, even if they claim they are saving money. Their lawyer is NOT your friend! Your future will be about money! Protect it! Find your own lawyer, one you trust. 2. Don't sign anything legal until your lawyer okays it. Even if they say "trust me, I wouldn't hurt you." Oh yes, they would. 3. Don't make any verbal promises. Your spouse could be recording you and in some states, recorded messages are legal. If not, a savvy lawyer could use your words against you and influence the judge. 4. Don't date anyone else until you are divorced or legally separated. Check with your lawyer on your legal rights. It could be used to your disadvantage, even if your spouse is already cheating on you. 5. Don't depend on your spouse's credit rating. Establish your own credit in only your name, before the divorce. Without it, you will not be able to rent an apartment, buy a car or many other necessities. Your personal good credit is like gold to you, married or not. 6. Don't wait until you are divorced before you make plans of living alone. Investigate a safe environment in which to live, in case you have to sell your home and divide the spoils. Work on a personal budget so you will know what to ask for in the proceedings. 7. Don't suffer alone. Join a Support Group, seek counseling, legal, financial and emotional. Waiting until you are in a heap on the floor may lead you to make bad decisions. You may not be thinking clearly and need someone to help you clear your thoughts.

In most cases, divorce becomes un-declared warfare. Being unprepared could mean the soft of heart will be the one who suffers most. The above suggestions are the bare minimum to be aware of. Educate yourself on your rights. Read, go to divorce informational groups, check the net for ideas of self protection.

Listening to friends legal suggestions, is a mistake, unless they are a lawyer, or have official information. Divorce is unpleasant enough on its own terms, but making mistakes because of a lack of knowledge can be avoided.

For more tips and tools on how to survive divorce and loss and make healthy relationship choices you are invited to visit
Patricia Hubbard has Facilitated a Support Group for Separated, Divorced and Widowed people for the past 12 years.

Divorce To Remarriage: Band Aid Or Brain Surgery After The Divorce?

Divorce stinks! It hurts a lot of people. Your children are hurt because the family they were a part of is over. Both you and your ex-spouse are hurt too. It doesn't matter if you initiated the divorce or not, some hurt remains. There were hurtful things that happened in the marriage that lead to the divorce weren't there? Withdrawal, attack, insults, infidelity, and outright anger are all typical steps that lead people down the road toward a divorce decision.

If that hurt isn't dealt with it becomes an extra appendage that you carry with you wherever you go. Most people like to ignore that hurt and "move on" just as fast as possible. It's understandable. I don't think anyone's first choice would be to choose pain. Instead, we like to slap a band-aid on our wounds and go, don't we?

Well, that doesn't work so well with divorce hurts. The old band-aid just isn't enough. Instead, inflammation, and eventually infection tend to set in if ignored. It may not seem real obvious at first, but give it time. The real problem for most people is when they "move on" and carry that infection into a new marriage and the creation of a step family.

This is the first in a series of articles in which we will evaluate some of these infections and you will learn how to go about cleansing them, repairing them, and watching them heal. Most of the infections have to do with anger. This is the most common emotion felt during and right after a divorce. Yes, for some of you, maybe even a lot of you, there was an initial sense of relief once the decision to divorce was made. However, anger usually begins to creep in soon than later.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Consider this article a gift to yourself. Healing these infections is a great step toward effectively preparing yourself for a healthy and happy remarriage. Give yourself this gift and you will be on your way to experiencing Remarriage Success! Visit for more information on how to prepare yourself and your family for a successful remarriage. I invite you to check out the new e-book "THE 7 Questions to Ask Before Saying 'I Do' Again" at to learn the most important 7 questions you may ever ask yourself. Alyssa Johnson, MSW, LCSW is the founder and CEO of Remarriage Success. She may be reached through her website at where she encourages your feedback and suggestions.

Divorce Lawyer New York Can Assist You In Getting Quick Divorce

Divorce is one of the most unpleasant experiences that one may have to come across in their life. However, at times there may be a situation when a couple decides that going separate ways is the best option for them. Getting a divorce is something that becomes necessary when the situation spirals out of control, so instead of being together and being bitter about each other, couples decide to legally separate by getting a divorce. Taking the decision, whether you want to get a divorce from your spouse, can be a very difficult decision and it is here that you can turn to your family and friends for help and advice. However, once you have decided that you want a divorce from your spouse, a divorce lawyer New York is the best person who can help you out. Since you will have to get separated legally, only a legal professional, like a divorce lawyer can assist you in this.

There are many things which need to be settled between a couple before the court will grant them permission to legally separate from each other. If there are children involved in this, then the matter can get a little complicated, but this can also be solved with the help of an efficient and effective divorce lawyer New York. Divorce lawyers are trained legal representatives and they just know what things need to be done and what has to be taken care of, in case a couple decides to divorce. You can tell your divorce lawyer what all things you want him to do for you he can also help you in dividing up any assets that you may be jointly holding with your spouse. You must tell him clearly what you want to do with your kids, if you would like to get their custody or if you would like your spouse to have the custody.

These are some of the things that you need to settle out with your lawyer so that he has a strong base for arguing your case with the judge. If a spouse agrees, the divorce lawyer can help them in getting an out-of-court settlement without wasting any time. But you must remember that both you and your spouse must agree for this and only then this can be done. Talk to the divorce lawyer beforehand and decide on the fees that you will have to pay. It is better for you, if you make all these things clear before you hire his services for getting a divorce from your spouse.

Some of the divorce lawyers are very expensive, so it will be better for you if you do a little background study about the existing market rates. This will help you decide, if your lawyer is charging you exorbitantly or if his rates are just fine, so make sure that you do this before hiring the services of the divorce lawyer. The internet is the best way through which you can find out the best divorce lawyers operating in your city you can also use the local yellow pages to find out information about the lawyers.

Damey Flower is an experienced divorce lawyer. He has successfully handled many divorce cases.He gives advice to clients who are looking for a art lawyer, Divorce lawyer New York, celebrity divorce lawyer. To hire services of a lawyer in New York and any legal advice visit

Do It Yourself Divorce Simplify The End Of Your Marriage With A DIY Divorce

After months, maybe years, of indecision and emotional turmoil you have at last decided that your marriage is not working. You have decided to divorce your spouse. If there is any good news in this situation it's this, you may be able to avoid using divorce lawyers with a do it yourself divorce.

A DIY divorce can be simple and easy

If your spouse feels much the same as you do about the state of your marriage and if the two of you can work together then you can take advantage of DIY divorce services provided by all states. This means that you do not need to hire a lawyer and won't have to pay third-party legal fees.

The procedure is quite simple. You'll need to make a few phone calls to your local state government services and find out where you can get the forms required to start divorce proceedings. Usually you can get all the paperwork needed at the local courts building. The documents should come with explanatory notes that will help you fill in the forms properly. You'll need basic information for both spouses, identification, proof of your marriage such as a state marriage certificate and you'll likely need to sign a statement testifying that your marriage is no longer workable and why. It should be quite painless.

Also included in the forms package will be filing instructions. Filing the forms will likely need to be done back at the local courts building.

Another option that is also available in all states is an online do it yourself divorce. There are plenty of services available that will provide you with all the paperwork and instructions needed as downloadable documents. Online DIY divorce services make filing for divorce very quick and easy and it avoids the time-consuming hassle and embarrassment of face-to-face contact with state government employees.

DIY divorce is not for everyone

A do it yourself divorce is only practical if you and your spouse can get along well enough to reach amicable agreements. You need to able to agree on child custody and child support issues, and on who gets what when it's time to divide up your accumulated property.

If any of the following conditions or issues are present it is better to consult a divorce lawyer: You disagree on who should have custody of the children or on issues involving visitation rights. You cannot agree on the amount of child support that should be paid. The property you own is not easily divisible or you cannot agree on who should get what. You do not fully trust your spouse to fulfill his or her part of any agreements you make. There have been incidents of child or spousal abuse. One or both of you is on active duty in the military.

If neither you nor your spouse have any of these problems then a DIY divorce could work for you. Sit down with your spouse and talk it out. If the two of you can agree on some basic issues then you can avoid lawyers, who may have a vested interest in dragging out the divorce proceedings, and end your marriage with an easy and amicable do it yourself divorce.

Molly Laws is an experienced children and divorce counsellor and contributing author at

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