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Child Custody Help

Many parents look for child custody help when trying to draft their parenting agreement. After all, a child custody agreement is a significant change in the life of the children and the parents involved. It's hard to try and take into account all the things you will be faced with in your child's life, particularly if you divorce when your children are very young. These agreements can be tricky and in the beginning, emotionally draining as the task is a rather daunting one. This is why child custody help is so often sought and badly needed for parents facing this dilemma.

One of the most common questions parents have when seeking child custody help is whether the parenting agreement can be changed at a later date. And if you have 2 cooperating parents, it can be rather simple to do just that. Provided both parties agree, changes can be made at any time. The problem comes when the parents don't agree and only 1 wants to change the agreement.

Courts do not like to hear cases of parenting agreements unless there's been a substantial change in circumstances in the case. This is normally fine because that's when changes are usually made anyway. For instance, if one party wanted to move out of state, that would obviously count as a substantial change.

The problem comes in situations where you may have allowed your ex to have more time with your child than you now feel comfortable with. If you ex is drinking around your children, hostile to you or displays other questionable behavior, it may lead you to want to change the agreement. However, without hard proof of neglect towards the child, the courts may not be interested.

That's why, when seeking child custody help, it's important that you do it at the beginning of your battle, since this is the most crucial time. There are things you can do after the parenting agreement is in place, but the most effective strategy is to get what you want in the initial parenting agreement.

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Joan Baker is an expert in child custody after going through her own custody ordeal, researching the laws and now helping other women going through the process.

Child Custody Evaluation

A child custody evaluation can be ordered by a court if you are involved in a custody dispute with your spouse. The custody evaluation can be required in an initial custody case or in a subsequent case if one of the parents requests that the issue of custody be modified. If you are seeking primary custody of your child, you'll want to know the guidelines for the child custody evaluation that you will have to undergo. To some extent, these guidelines vary from state to state, so you will need to discuss the child custody evalutaion process with your attorney or your state family court.

In general, a child custody evaluation involves a series of meetings between the parents and children and a professional who will assess the custody issue. Sometimes that professional is a psychologist. Sometimes it is a professional with an Masters and sometimes a Doctorate degree. In some states the professional simply investigates and reports the details of the investigation to the court. In other states, the professional doing the child custody evaluation actually gives the court a recommendation as to how custody should be determined.

The manner in which a child custody evaluation is used by a court can also vary from state to state. In some states, the judges put a higher priority on the wishes of the children and that issue is addressed in the custody evaluation. In some of those states, the child's wishes are considered if the child has attained a certain age. InIllinois, the child's wishes is a key factor. In other states, it is only one factor or not a factor at all. In Alabama, a chid's desire is not considered as a reliable factor in determininig custody, so the factors to be given priority over the child's wishes in the child custody evaluation are more focused on the well being an safety of the child.

A child custody evaluation can involve an investigation into moral habits and issues such as alcohol or drug use, church affiliation and family support system. Other issues that can and often are reviewed in a custody evaluation include factors that are unrelated to moral habits, but which are more focused on the determining which parent can satisfy the child's needs, include the ability to provide an appropriate home, school support, and so forth.

A child custody evaluation can take months to conclude. The investigation aspects can include a review of any existing counseling records for the family, either or both parents, or the children, any mental health records for any of those parties, any criminal records, school records for the children, and one or more interviews with each parent and child and any other individual that the court deems appropriate. For example, if a companion or significant other is living with a parent, that person could have an impact on the day to day lives of the children. The court may want that person included in the child custody evaluation. Some of the evaluation interviews are conducted individually, and some are conducted with parent and children together. That format is dictated by the professional conducting the custody evaluation.

If you are involved in a custody dispute and you will be involved in a child custody evaluation, speak with your attorney about the process that you and your children will be subjected to. Be prepared and open and provide all of the information that is requested of you. Most of all, find out what you are able to say to the children to prepare them for the interviews that they will have to attend.

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Documentation In Child Custody Cases

How important is documentation in child custody cases? It is extremely important. According to several child custody experts, one of the best means to prepare for and win a child custody trial is to provide solid documentation that can prove one's parental capabilities and fitness. Typically one needs to prove to the court and convince the judge that he-she can provide the child with the best environment suitable for the proper growth and development.

During these cases, every minute detail such as parenting skills, daily interactions of the parent with the child, participation in school and medical appointments, availability, past conduct, and more may be carefully scrutinized by the court before any decision is made. Therefore, one would do well to keep a detailed record of past events and maintain accurate documentation that can support the parent's involvement and caring nature and also the deficiencies of the spouse towards the child. For example, documentation that demonstrates questionable behavior or judgment of a spouse such as domestic violence, abuse, drug usage, negligence towards the child, unavailability, frustrating contact, and-or poor parenting skills will be important.

There are many ways in which one can demonstrate through documentation that they are fit and-or the better parent. Documentation can include accompanying the child in all the school activities such as parent-teacher meetings or school functions, level of involvement in the child's daily activities, helping the child with homework, taking care of the child's regular health checkups, getting the child involved in family and church activities and going out on a vacation and spending quality time with the child. The most important prerequisite is to keep a proper record of all activities and have witnesses in mind who can testify to your parenting skills and level of participation in your child's life to leave no question that your continued involvement is in the best interest of the child.

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