Your Endless Love (The Bennett Family) (Volume 9)

An incurable romantic with a chronic case of bad luck with men. Museum curator Summer Bennett knows that happily ever afters are not make-believe. After all, her siblings all found their soul mates, so she’s optimistic her Prince Charming will come along too… eventually. In the meantime, she focuses on her job and her volunteering—which brings her face-to-face with one of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers. When Alexander Westbrook flashes America’s favorite panty-melting smile, Summer’s entire body responds. When she asks him to get involved in the community where she volunteers, Summer is shocked that the Hollywood heartthrob agrees right away. Two weeks working side by side with the world’s sexiest guy, and the game is on. Far from the public eye, Summer discovers she likes the real Alex even more than his on-screen persona. Secret kisses and whispered conversations spark a fire in her that nothing can extinguish. If only his life wasn’t splashed all over the tabloids…. Alex can’t keep his eyes—or his hands—off Summer. But she’s too sweet and too damn lovely to be swept up in his Hollywood drama. His career is at risk, and an iron-clad clause in his contract with the studio makes a relationship impossible. But staying away from her is out of the question.


Family and Vacations


AndiQ on February 9, 2018 at 1:08 PM.

LOVED THIS SERIES! A beautifully sexy page-turner! Addictive! Captivating!Summer Bennett is a complex character. Refreshingly enough she admits when she is uncomfortable or jealous. She is an artist, works for a museum, and volunteers her time with St. Anne’s orphanage. If you are wondering what she has to be jealous about, don’t worry, I was too. The girl has it all. She is the baby Bennett and had her fair share of bad relationships but still open to love. Yay! No fighting her feelings here! Like the rest…

JEANNE, REVIEWER on February 9, 2018 at 1:15 PM.

“Holy Pop Tarts and Cupcakes!” Okay, this one was a bittersweet book for me. Summer is the last Bennett to have a story, which means the end of this amazing series. I have absolutely loved every story for each Bennett sibling. Such a wonderful series. Anyway onto the review for this amazing installment.Summer is the baby of the Bennett siblings. Her sweet, carefree personality is mesmerizing. When she meets Alex, it’s an instant connection. He is drawn to her genuine smile and personality when he is constantly…