Top Festival and Attraction in Seoul South Korea.

Korea, being a country of four obvious seasons (spring, summer, pre-winter and winter), clearly comprehended music scene and strong social establishment held many intriguing festivals reliably.

​Numerous pilgrims plan their trips to go to their favored festivals (for instance New Years Eve) in Seoul and various bits of Korea. For those whom have booked your excursion early, it is continually useful to check if any of these yearly festivals fall on your development dates, making your trip an essential one with the glad astonishments.

Pocheon Herb Island Fairy Tale Light Festival

Experience the wistful and shocking light show this winter at Herb Island Light Festival. Catch the sensational point of view on structures enveloped by splendid lights, Santa Village, photo zone and light entry.

Seoul Land Winter Light Festival 2020

Significant edification, magnificent music and 3D laser show at Seoul Land Winter Light Festival.

Oak Valley Sonata of Light 3D Festival

Exactly when the nightfalls, a remarkable universe of brilliant lights and mysterious stories spreads out at Oak Valley’s Sonata Of Light. Value the surprising 3D lighting show along the 1.4km method for five animating light subjects with music.

Nursery of Morning Calm Lighting Festival 2019

The best festival of lights in Korea! The yearly Lighting Festival at The Garden of Morning Calm covers more than 330,000 sqm and 30,000 lights, changing the covered ground into a winter wonderland on dusk.

Unassuming France Little Prince Starlight Festival 2020

This French town and a top account region for Korean shows lights up superbly in winter, making a dream atmosphere with its pastel concealing structures.

Pyeongchang Trout Festival 2020

Extraordinary compared to other 3 winter festivities in Korea! Value a collection of activities including ice calculating, tent calculating, uncovered hand calculating, snow sledding, snow sailing, etc this winter at Pyeongchang Trout Festival.

2020 Seoul New Year Festival

Welcome the lively joyful season at the Seoul Christmas Festival and New Years Eve with light intallation, gigantic christmas tree and Santa Village along Cheonggyecheon Stream from Cheonggye Plaza to Jangtonggyo Bridge. Happy New Years Eve Seoul 2021


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