The Sims 4 – Parenthood [Online Game Code]

Develop your Sim’s parenting skills to help shape their children’s lives into adulthood with The Sims 4 Parenthood*. Choose when to discipline or encourage child behaviors, teach life values, and leave a lasting impact on their future. Experience fun family activities and personalize your household with new home décor and family fashion.

PC Minimum System Requirements: PC Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent (For computers using built-in
  • RAM:   2 GB
  • Hard Disk:   9 GB
  • Video Card:   128 MB of Video RAM and support for Pixel Shader 3.0. Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better, Intel GMA X4500 or better
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Additional Requirements:   Requires full version of The Sims 4 (sold separately) and all game updates to play.

    Product Features

    • Develop Parenting Skills – Level up your Sim’s parenting skills to satisfy their child’s needs and influence their behaviors. Gain new abilities through experience and choosing when to discipline bad actions, encourage good behavior, or just let kids be kids.
    • Shape Your Sim’s Childhood – The decisions you make influence how your Sim parents and leave a lasting impact on their child’s future. Each choice shapes their personality, affects their traits, influences their family relationships, and guides their path into adulthood.
    • Gather your Sim’s family to participate in new activities and spend quality time with each other. Sims of all ages can work together to complete a variety of school projects, express their creativity using construction blocks, or volunteer their time for good.
    • Customize your Sims’ looks and their home with new family fashion and build items. Give the kids’ bedrooms extra personality, remodel the kitchen to feel homier, and let your Sims express their sporty or artistic sides with new outfits.


    The Adoption Process


    Anonymous on February 19, 2020 at 11:22 PM.

    LOVE this so much! I am a realistic player and have been asking for more family content since day 1. This pack plus the toddlers patch have really scratched that itch, and I’m so happy they are listening to the fans. What’s new with this pack?Character values:My biggest complaint for a while has been that gameplay doesn’t really matter, there are no real consequences to anything so why bother? That has changed massively with this pack. There is a new character values system that tracks 5 values…

    Anonymous on February 19, 2020 at 11:29 PM.

    If you are a Simmer you need it. To be honest sometimes I don’t like playing families with kids, I have had a number taken away by social services because I forgot to hire a babysitter when I went to work or their grades were too bad because they would not do their homework or I could not find it to make them it. Thank goodness this is just a game. I do like this pack though, I have found myself playing with kid friendly families more, I like the option for parents to be able to volunteer at school, you do not get to join…

    Anonymous on February 19, 2020 at 11:43 PM.

    Fun Addition to the Sims 4 I have played the Sims since the first game was released, and I love playing a more realistic game. I always play with families with lots of children and each new series of the Sims added more which I loved. I was very disappointed with the Sims 4 base game abilities, and then this game pack was released. I am very happy with the additions. I give four stars because I believe a lot of this content should have been included in the base game.This pack adds consequences to the sim…