The Parenting Project: Build Extraordinary Relationships With Your Kids Through Daily Conversation

In a world full of many influences, The Parenting Project shows you how, through the practice of daily conversation, to maintain influence in your child’s life.

Are you losing the influence game with your children? If you want to direct your child’s growth, then they need to get to know you. In The Parenting Project, parenting experts Dr. Amy Alamar and Dr. Kristine Schlichting show you how to talk with your children on a regular basis to gain their trust. In a time when kids have many things vying for their attention, you want to become the go-to person, the one they turn to the most for advice and comfort. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to speak with your children about serious subjects. That’s why The Parenting Project teaches you how to make a habit of it, providing you with prompts to help start potentially difficult conversations across a broad range of subjects that apply to everyday life. The authors have divided these conversations into five categories to inform your approach—Heart-based, Uncomfortable, Dangerous, Character, and Brave—because each type requires different strategies and “conversation starters.” The book includes story after story of how parents have built extraordinary relationships with kids through the act of talking with one another, day by day.

With some help from Dr. Alamar and Dr. Schlichting, it will be become easier to open up conversations with (rather than at) your children so that when the big questions arise, your child will turn to you first.


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Anonymous on November 23, 2018 at 9:10 PM.

Parenting Project, Thank You!!!

Anonymous on November 23, 2018 at 9:38 PM.

So full of practical wisdom. Love this book! The Parenting Project is rich with practical information and strategies for nurturing the vital art of conversation with our children. Whether it’s the incidental chats that build rock solid foundations, the more ‘I’ve got you’ ones that soften the sharp edges of the world, or the ‘you’ve got you’ chats that help our children discover clarity and courage, conversation is instrumental in building our influence and connection with our children. The Parenting Project is a brilliant toolbox for all…