The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game – Caption Funny Pics w/ Awesome Movie Lines -> Favorite Caption Wins!

What Is The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game All About?

All the elements of an epic game night await, as players caption awkward images from the hit website,, with comical, offbeat, dramatic and action-packed lines from hundreds of memorable movies. Many lines you’ll know. Others will be new to you. But the gameplay is inconceivably fun and easy…and no movie knowledge is required!

For 4-8 Players / Ages 12-Adult

Quick How To Play

1) Every player is dealt eight cards featuring a movie line from one of hundreds of popular movies.

2) One player, ‘The Critic’, picks the next Awkward Family Photos card and places the card on the table for everyone to see.

3) All other players decide which one of their eight movie lines best captions the photo, by placing their selection facedown in the play area.

4) ‘The Critic’ reads each card aloud and picks the movie line that he/she thinks best captions the photo in play. The player with the winning card wins the round!

Components Include:

330 Movie Line Cards and One Box of 80 Large, Double-Sided Cards featuring 160 Awkward Family Photos.

Product Features

  • A hilarious, new family/party game where players use 330 memorable movie lines to caption 160 amazing awkward family photos. Favorite caption wins.
  • If you ever played A2A or CAH (where a ‘judge’ picks a favorite answer), you’ll know how to play right away. If not, rules take 5 minutes to learn.
  • No movie knowledge necessary.
  • Made with quality, recycled materials.
  • From the makers of the bestselling Loaded Questions games and the original Awkward Family Photos game.




Anonymous on December 7, 2019 at 12:54 PM.

A Fun Game for Adults, but Too Abstract for Kids This game is advertised as being for ages 12 and up. I tried playing it with my kids, ranging in ages 9 to 17. Unlike Apples to Apples, which it resembles, this went over with a resounding thud. While the photos are funny and the movie lines are funny, putting them together to create humor requires some abstract thinking skills. I think the kids were too young to understand any of the humor. (For example, my kids weren’t even sure why some of these photos were “awkward”; to them, they…

Anonymous on December 7, 2019 at 1:16 PM.

I’m sure this game will be fun, I just wished they would have made it … GREAT game, easy to play, no learning curve!! Pictures are: hilarious, remind you of the “old days”, and plenty of family dynamics on display.LOOK THROUGH photos and cards before you play with kids.We just played this game: ages 12-17 kids and 2 adults. We LOVED it! No rules to learn, nothing complicated with the game so you are able to jump right in and get to the FUN. LOOK THROUGH photos and cards: Some photos and lines selected from movies might not be what you want…