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A Family Affair: The Return (Truth in Lies Book 13)

Magdalena, New York. Home of memories long buried, steamy nights, and one regrettable summer… Grace Romano had been seventeen, impressionable, innocent to the power of attraction and desire. Max Ruhland taught her about both. But Grace was a lot more than a summer fling. He loved her, thought they had a future together, until she […]

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A Family Affair: Spring (Truth in Lies) (Volume 2)

Heartache. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Redemption… A Family Affair: Spring is a story of betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption, all wrapped up in the lives of the people we love to love, and even a few we love to hate. Harry Blacksworth is rich, handsome, the ultimate playboy with a killer smile and a clever wit. He’s fought […]

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A Family Affair (Truth in Lies) (Volume 1)

A Family Affair is where it all began…Heartache, Betrayal, Forgiveness, Redemption…all wrapped up in the people you will love to love, and those you will love to hate! When Christine Blacksworth’s larger-than-life father is killed on an icy road in Magdalena, New York, a hundred miles from the ‘getaway’ cabin he visited every month, she […]

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