Taf Toys Clip-On Baby Book | Clip-On Carriage & Crib Book, Fits Most Baby Strollers, Prams & Cots, Best For Your Easier Outdoors And Easier Parenting, High Contrast Colors & Patterns

Any Parent Would Appreciate The Help Of Holding A Developmental Book In The Pram, To Prevent It To Fall On The Baby, So The Baby Can Easily Look At The Book Or Play With Its Features When Strolling Along, For Easier Outdoors And Easier Parenting.

Start Using This Clip-On Pram Book For Your Little Loved One, The Book Will Not Only Entertain Your Baby But Will Aid In Its Development Too.

Best Toy For The Baby In Early Stages Of The Development – This is Clip-on Pram Book is 34 inch high quality, soft, double-sided 2 stage baby book which consists of six panels with high contrast colors, patterns, smiley face drawings. The book also comes with baby-safe mirror. Clip-on Pram Book design is based on consideration of baby’s overall development. The book design is suitable for two stages of baby’s development. Each side appeals to different developmental stages. Side one is aimed at birth to 3 months and side two consist of richly colored and beautiful, humorous illustrations.

Perfectly Designed That Baby’s Entertainment – The book is richly colored and consists of has beautiful, humorous illustrations and many appealing textures by renowned French designer, Alain Crozon. It is very helpful in Easier outdoors and Easier parenting.

Perfect for the parents interested to see baby’s growth – Parents always find difficulty in choosing right entertaining toy for their child. This book is the perfect one to choose from. The Clip-on Pram Book comes with three attachment options and makes parent’s life easy in entertaining their baby; since it can be attached to most prams and cots; with two large clips to prams and cots.

Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Enjoy Your Baby’s Growth While The Baby Is Getting Entertained As Well As Learning Indirectly.

Product Features

  • ✓HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Clip-on Pram Book is 34 inch high quality, soft, double-sided 2 stage baby book. It is super soft and beautifully illustrated book has six panels. There are high contrast colors and patterns on one side and colorful illustrations and activities on the other side. There are smiley face drawings and a baby-safe mirror too. All these things help in baby’s visual development in the early stages.
  • ✓DESIGN CONSIDERATION – Book has been designed for baby’s development in early stages. The baby’s development takes place in two stages. Side one is aimed at birth to 3 months and side two consist of richly colored and beautiful, humorous illustrations by renowned French illustrator, Alain Crozon and appealing textures. There are two unique plastic hangers, to attach the book to, so it won’t fall over the baby when in the pram. This enables Easier Outdoors experience for both baby and parent
  • ✓ ATTACHMENT FLEXIBILITY – Choosing the right developmental toy for your child is a serious decision. There are three attachment options. Clip-on Pram Book fits most prams and cots; and it can easily be attached with two large clips to prams and cots.
  • ✓HELPING BABY’S EARLY DEVELOPMENT – High contrast colors will aid visual development of baby in the early stages. The six panels have high contrast colors and patterns, smiley face drawings and a baby-safe mirror, all of which will aid visual development in the early stages. The colorful side, to be used from the age of 3 month and up that will help in development of baby’s sight and the crinkling activities help with fine motor skills development
  • ✓SUITABLE FOR ANY BABY AGE – All ‘Taf Toys’ toys are created with the intention to promote your baby’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth. It is designed to be suitable from birth. ‘Taf Toys’ goal is to help your baby establish a foundation for a healthy and happy developmental path thus making it Easier for you and your baby.




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Too high

AddictedToAmazon on May 31, 2018 at 2:11 AM.

I love the fact that we can control the music from … Cute toy. I’ll admit, the eyes are a little scary at first, but things look much different when you are an adult versus when you are a kid. For starters, this toy does require quite a few batteries. 3 AA batteries for the toy itself, and 2 AAA for the remote for the front. The switch on the back allows you to turn it off, on Night mode, or Day mode. The difference between the Day/Night modes are the music. Day mode plays a cheerful song while the night mode plays a calm, relaxing song. The eyes…

Amazon Customer on May 31, 2018 at 2:30 AM.

Child cannot play with the toys