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TIPS for preventing fogging in winter:
About the anti-fog, all of our goggles lenses are covered by an anti-fog coating. With proper maintenance, you can help the coating work longer.
1. Always remember to moist the lens inside so the coating can work.
2. Never wipe the lens.
3. After your swim, wash the lens with fresh water and then let it air dry.
Please note that goggles tend to fog up more easily in winter. The fog might be the result of the temperature difference between cold air outside the pool and constant temperature pool water.
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What other customers think of Aegend Swim Goggles:

Keith R. Gastineau
I’m a 72 year old lap swimmer. The goggles i’ve been using (which were not cheap) work fine some days and not so good others. Nothing disrupts my routine like water in my googles. I read a review of these goggles on Amazon, which said they “would be the last pair I’ll have to buy”. Couldn’t agree more. Absolutely completely satisfied.

Easy Care and Maintenance:
-To clean goggles: always rinse completely under cold water to remove chlorine, salt, sand and other contaminants and allow to air dry in a warm, clean environment.
-Do not leave your goggles out under direct sunlight as this can dry the soft silicone seals and fade its color.
-Never rub or wipe the insides of your lenses as this can scratch or remove the anti-fog coating.
-Protect your swimming goggles by storing them in their protective case (included)

Product Features

  • COMFORTABLE: Flexible silicone frame and gasket provides maximum comfort and goggle’s larger clear lens and quality sealing surface makes you feel comfortable. Aegend’s goggles is leakage-proof but doesn’t leave a line and add excess pressure to maintain a good seal. Fit for kids age over 5 years old.
  • SHATTER PROOF: Polycarbonate lenses stay strong even in the toughest conditions.
  • EFFECTIVE: UV protection and anti-fog coating enhances your swimming experience. Well-designed clasp make it easy to put swimming goggles on and off. EASY TO PUT ON AND TAKE OFF: The straps have a buckle that makes putting on and taking off a breeze and without pulling hair.
  • CLEAR: Light blue and clear lens makes for even better clarity. PLEASE NOTE: Do not recommend to people with over 100 degrees myopia eyes.
  • Hassle Free, 12 months guarantee! If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you satisfactory solution and we will reply you within 24 hours. Give yourself a chance to try our ‘Highly Recommended’ products and customer service.




Julia R. on July 13, 2017 at 2:56 AM.

GAME CHANGER….THESE ARE JUST THAT GOOD! I am in the pool daily for at least an hour for surgical rehab and since I wear contacts, goggles are a necessity. Over the past 33 years I have gone through at least one new pair each summer season and have never been happy with what I’ve purchased. Until now.I am aware that goggles for swimming are not something people normally get excited about but after so many years of leaky, foggy, ill fitting goggles leaving red raccoon circles around my eyes I AM excited to have these Aegend…

James S on July 13, 2017 at 3:06 AM.

Great customer support, but blurry underwater for me. I’m a casual lap swimmer who swims 30 minutes every day. Needed some decent goggles and saw the Aegend brand was a highly rated bestseller. I first ordered the mirrored version of this lens which is essentially identical to this clear version. Was really excited to hit the pool when I received the goggles. Love the strap system on these Aegends which adjust on the back and has a quick release button…my other goggles have a little short strap that adjusts at the temple and it drives me…