Swaddle Sack with Arms Up Mitten Cuffs, Tiny Bows, Pink, Medium, 3-6 Months

The Amazing Baby Swaddle Sack is designed for babies who prefer arms up. The Swaddle Sack is an innovative design featuring uniquely modified convertible sleeves with foldover mitten cuffs to allow baby to have full access to hands to self-soothe and swaddle snugness to help reduce the startle reflex that can wake a sleeping baby. The Swaddle Sack design provides the support of a swaddle with the benefits of ease of use for the caregiver, and provides an important innovation that allows caregiver two options for providing baby access to his or her hands: (1) allows baby to have access to their hands via the foldover mitten cuff in the open option, and (2) allows the hand opening to be closed should the caregiver prefer to reduce the risk of baby scratching their face. The hip healthy design allows baby’s knees and hips to flex. Many parents like the Swaddle Sack with sleeves because the design helps keep baby comfortably warm on cooler nights instead using a sleeveless wearable blanket. The Swaddle Sack is made from premium, stretchy cotton knit and features a 2-way zipper for ease of use. Beneficial to babies; including babies who do not like to be swaddled with arms restrained, babies who prefer sleeping with arms up, and older babies ready to transition out of a traditional swaddle. Swaddle Sack is a registered trademark of SwaddleDesigns. Patent pending design. Machine washable. Designed and manufactured by SwaddleDesigns exclusively for Amazon.

Product Features

  • Amazing Baby by SwaddleDesigns exclusively for Amazon.
  • Swaddle supports baby in a natural sleep position helping baby feel secure and sleep better. Hip healthy design allows baby’s knees and hips to flex.
  • Unique arms up sleeve design with foldover mitten cuffs, may be worn open or closed, allowing baby to self-soothe and suck on hands. Arms up sleeves is a safer sleep option allowing baby to use arms if baby rolls over. Patent Pending.
  • Premium, stretchy cotton knit and features 2-way zipper for easy diaper changes and ease of use
  • Sizes: Small 6-14 lbs, 0-3 Months ; Medium 14-21 lbs, 3-6 Months.


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Anonymous on February 17, 2018 at 8:42 AM.

Babies between 6 to 14 pounds will be able to sleep comfortably and safely in this swaddle sack. It is soft and stretchy and has easy zippered access for changing diapers. It also has arms up mitten cuffs. If you want to use the mittens, you just have to fold the material over their little hands. This is also easy to put on the baby, it zips right up or down, with the two way zipper. The swaddle sack allows babies to self soothe and they are safer sleeping with their arms up. The waist and leg…

Anonymous on February 17, 2018 at 8:51 AM.