Storage Bins Keep Your House Clean and Organized

Unless you have a very large home, you probably don’t have enough storage space. Modern homes have downsized square footage when compared with older homes, built when materials were not so costly. Insufficient storage leads to clutter and a lack of organization. So what can you do? Here’s a solution that does double duty. Storage baskets can be found in a variety of materials, weaves and finishes that are so attractive, you can use them as furnishings to spruce up a room, while getting rid of clutter and solving your storage problems for good.

Depending on what you’re storing and how you’re using the storage basket to beautify your room, you may or may not need a lidded storage basket. For example, let’s say your lack of cupboard storage has reached the point where, upon opening a cupboard to get some pasta, a loaf of bread falls on your head. You’ve got a goodly amount of space being occupied by a large selection of cooking herbs and spices.

A wicker storage basket can be used to contain them all, in a handy basket you can get out of the cupboard easily. If you’ve got the counter space, it may add a gourmet touch to the appearance of your kitchen. If not, why not just stick it in the cupboard on top of a stack of canned goods. It sits there, firm and stable, all within easy reach. Instant way to keep your house clean with organization and increased storage!

Many of us have winter and summer wardrobes. Those bulky winter clothes just take up space in your closet for half the year. In this case, a large, sturdy, rectangular rattan storage basket, placed at the foot of your bed can accommodate those items, while serving as a ‘table’ on which you can place knick-knacks, your current reading material, or a wide, shallow bowl of dried flowers. Come winter and it’s a simple matter to swap your storage basket contents to the closet and store away summer clothes. This idea also works for extra blankets, pillows and the like.

Tall, basically square-shaped, vented storage baskets are great for the bathroom. You can store lots of towels, holiday-themed linens and extra tablecloths and free up a lot of drawer space. The basket adds a homey feel to the bathroom and your lesser used items stay fresh and clean.

Sometimes, you may have the storage space, but the storage device is less than attractive. For example, you’ve got a plastic laundry basket that holds a heap of clothing destined for the ironing board – some day! Why not get a nice woven storage basket with a lid? Again, the items stay clean and the room looks more styled out.

If you’ve got teenagers, you know they tend to use the floor as storage. Storage baskets to the rescue! Things get organized and easy to find. Then they can vacuum their room!

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