State Of California Divorce Records Now Available Online

State Of California Divorce Records, known by many as CA divorce records are considered as public files. This simply means that the said documents are available for public access and the residents have the freedom to request it when necessary. The implementation of the Freedom of Information Act has made this possible.

Divorce records of California are being requested for several reasons. Transactions in the government would sometimes call for a copy of divorce certificates. Examples of this includes, but not limited to, insurance and other financial related matters. The document is used as reference to validate or verify one’s identity or status. Marriage is also another reason why the residents of California request for such document. Divorcees who have plans to marry again have to secure a copy of their separation documents before they can be granted marriage. Single individuals would request access to the divorce records of the one’s they are dating. This ensures the individuals that they are going out with a person who is really single or legally separated.

Details about the separation of a couple are the highlights of a California divorce record. Information such as the names of the divorcees as well as when and where it was registered is found on the public document. One would also know the name of the official who helped the couple process or approve the divorce. A detailed record is only visible to the divorcees. Sensitive information such as why the couple separated and who filed for the divorce is kept confidential. Details about the assets and property division are kept private along with the custody of children, if there are any.

Divorce that took place between 1962 and 1984 has to be requested at the county where it was registered. One has to prepare $13 to know the county where the divorce took place. One has to fill out the application form with the necessary information needed such as the names of the involved individuals and the place and the date when the couple separated. This can help speed up the retrieval process. The state of California allows only the divorcees and their immediate relatives to request for their divorce records. Those who need to access the files of other individuals need to secure a court order or a letter of authorization.

The Vital Records Section of the Department of Health in the state of California is responsible for managing the public documents of the state. However, divorce records cannot be obtained from this office. The said office only helps verify information. Requests have to be done at the county where the separation took place. One can send a mail request to the state office but it can take a while before the results can be delivered.

Online divorce records can be now be done through the Internet. This development has allowed the people of California to get a copy of a divorce certificate without hassle. It is convenient since there is no need to go to any office and the results of the search can be obtained after doing only a few clicks on the mouse.

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