Raising an Organized Child: 5 Steps to Boost Independence, Ease Frustration, and Promote Confidence

Organized children are raised, not born. That’s the philosophy behind this confidence-building, sanity-saving book. Fostering organized thinking in your child will help with concrete concerns (think a tidier bedroom!) and build critical life skills like learning to plan and grasping the big picture. Dr. Korb’s 5 Steps to Raising an Organized Child apply to all ages. So, whether you have an infant or a teenager, it’s never too late (or too early!) to foster organization in him or her and harmony in your whole family. Raising an Organized Child presents specific activities for your child’s age and developmental level to improve executive function. No matter if your child is just your average chaotic kid or struggling with additional challenges like ADHD, you can boost your child’s organization and lower your frustration with Dr. Korb’s guidance.


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Great Advice

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So simple and real….a book all parents will appreciate and be able to use This book really breaks down child stages of development and organization in a way that is easy to understand and just makes sense. Any parent would be able to pick this up and understand and implement a few easy steps to raising more organized children. This makes both parenting easier and children more independent and successful as they grow. The book is broken down into sections based on the age of the child so parents can pinpoint the stage their child is in or look ahead to later…