Positive Parenting: Meditations for Staying Cool, Calm & Collected — improving parenting skills through hypnosis, guided imagery and cognitive behavioral training

Shapiro’s soothing voice and multi-layered, psychologically sophisticated techniques combine beautifully with the music of Steven Mark Kohn, to deliver profound shifts in the ability to manage strong emotions. The embedded suggestions train the mind to automatically react more calmly and effectively to challenging events and people, becoming more and more dependable over time, with repeated listening. This newfound capacity generalizes to other people and situations beyond parenting, to other family members or anyone else who, in the past, has had the power to disturb or exasperate. As Shapiro advises clients in her practice, “Hypnosis, while powerful, is not a one-time magic bullet. That would be unrealistic. But with frequent listening, it can seem almost magical in the way it helps people achieve their goals quickly and easily, as suggestions become a deeply embedded part of their unconscious programming.” Listeners can play the tracks in order, or can select out favorites to play repeatedly. – Total running time: approx 68 minutes



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