Organic Baby Bandana Drool Bibs by Smart Baby | Unisex Hypoallergenic and Ultra-Absorbent Triangle Scarves Set of 8 + eBook with Smart Parenting Tips


Carefully crafted of premium 100% organic cotton, the baby bandana bib by Smart Baby is a trendy must-have item that any parent and tot will love.
Winner all the way around! Keep these bibs handy to save yourself the time needed for laundering baby items all the time.
Highly absorbent and offering plenty of coverage for all the baby drool, they are equipped with adjustable snaps for a comfortable fit.
The two metallic buttons allow effortless change of the bibs whenever needed. The charming patterns will compliment your baby’s appearance.

The box is a disposable box because it is environmentally friendly so that once the orders with baby bibs arrive you remove the bibs from the box and after the box can be recycled.
The box is thinner because it is Eco-friendly and we try to protect the surrounding environment as much as possible, so, small deformations can occur during transport but do not affect the quality of the product.
Thank you for understanding.

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– 8 x baby bandana drool bib (appropriate for 3 to 24 months of age)
– Material: 100% organic cotton and 100% polyester fleece with metallic snaps
– Size: 13 x 11.81 inch (33 x 30 cm)
– Weight: 0.88 oz (25 g) / piece
– Color: different prints and colors
– Packaging: gift box
– Weight: 9.17 oz (260 g)
– 1 x eBook ” SMART PARENTING: Raising Happy and Responsible Children in the 21st Century”

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”Your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy one.” – Smart Baby

Product Features

  • DROOL OUT, COMFORT IN: The organic baby bandana bib by Smart Baby helps your child get rid of the unpleasant moisture feeling due to excessive dribbling, while keeping him dry and rash-free. Featuring two highly absorbent layers, our product is ideal for teething babies or for retaining food and drink spills. Convenient to wear due to its triangle shape, it will stay in place protecting your kid’s clothes.
  • HIGH QUALITY GUARANTEED: We pride ourselves in using only the best materials, even more so when it comes to children. Made of 100% organic cotton on the front and polyester fleece on the back, our bibs are the perfect drool catchers that your offspring will adore. Soft to the touch and antibacterial, be sure that your little one’s neck, chin and chest will be gently treated and irritations or allergies prevented.
  • VARIOUS PRINTS AT YOUR CHOICE: The Smart Baby bandana bib comes in a 8-pack case for you to select the one that suits best your infant’s daily outfits. The vivid colors and stylish design recommend them as a wonderful unisex baby shower or registry gift, being already wrapped in a nicely designed cardboard box. Fashionable, yet effective, these triangle shaped scarves will turn heads around everywhere.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Our bandana bibs were specially designed for children between three and twenty-four months old, so they will accompany your kid throughout his entire infancy and toddlerhood. Also, as compared to the self-adhesive fastener system, our snap closure mechanism is delicate to your tot’s sensitive skin, avoiding scratches.
  • NURTURE CHILDREN ACCORDING TO LAST GUIDANCES:Being a parent in the 21st century can be a real challenge. Times change constantly, so you need to adapt and evolve in order to understand and guide your kids. Our eBook is the ultimate solution to raising babies with empathy, love and care for their actual and future person.




Anonymous on February 7, 2018 at 12:04 AM.

My LO is teething and needs something to wick away the moisture from her neck and chest. I didn’t want her to wear normal bibs all day long. These are so fashionable and SOFT(back side is 100% fleece)! I have been asked already by few Moms where I got them. I wash everything before I start using it, I washed and disinfected this bibs, and they hold up, the color stays bright and are still just as soft. Very well made and the quality is super good. I bought some other cheaper bibs from…

Anonymous on February 7, 2018 at 12:05 AM.