Large Clear Window Bird Feeder – Three Section Removable Multi-Purpose Slide Tray with Breathe Holes. Best Family Gift. See Wild Birds Up Close!

The Pleasant Nature window bird feeder brings the beauty and peace of nature right to you. We have designed a durable, high quality bird feeder that is built to last for years! Featured in the design is a removable feed tray that easily slides in and out for cleaning and refilling. The tray also includes three separate sections for different seeds so you can find out what the birds in your area like! The entertainment this bird feeder brings is a perfect way to bring the whole family together. We hope that it brings you as much joy as it has brought us.

Product Features

  • STUNNING INTIMATE VIEWS OF YOUR FAVORITE WILD BIRDS: This high quality bird feeder securely attaches to the outside of the window of your choice. Great for office, living room or kitchen entertainment for the whole family! It’s the perfect way to get your kids interested in nature
  • CLEANING AND FILLING COULDN’T BE EASIER: The removable sliding tray allows for an effortless cleaning and refilling process. Breathe holes throughout the tray keep your seed fresh! The Pleasant Nature feeder comes fully assembled with very easy set up.
  • THREE DIFFERENT SECTIONS FOR SEED: The sliding feed tray contains sections for three different bird seeds of your choice! Use the two large sections for your “go-to” seeds and experiment with new varieties in the smaller, center section to see what the birds like. The feeder also includes a built in resting bar making for a very comfortable place to perch while eating.
  • SUCTION CUPS BUILT TO LAST: The three high quality suction cups are built to last and make sure the heavy duty feeder stays in place. The Pleasant Nature feeder provides all weather suction cups that stay strong through the rain and snow.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GAURANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with your feeder, you will be completely refunded!




Anonymous on November 17, 2018 at 9:54 PM.

That bird was so close!! We live near a big forest in Virginia where there are lots of birds. I wanted to see more of them up close so I tried this feeder out. Hung it up on a Monday and saw this red fellow on Wednesday! And I was only five feet away from him! I hope he tells his friends about this food spot and we see more soon! This bird feeder is nice and minimalist looking so it doesn’t overtake my window. The tray is really nice for filling up with seeds. So far those suction cups are holding strong! Will update…

Anonymous on November 17, 2018 at 10:09 PM.

Beautiful Window Feeder, Birds Love It! We love our new acrylic window bird feeder, and so do the neighborhood birds. We purchased this feeder to provide both food for wild birds but also for our cat’s enjoyment and excitement. We were able to provide the birds a little extra comfort by placing this by our indoor ficus tree – the tree branches help to mask what is happening inside and hopefully, that allows the birds some comfort. Within a few days of placing this bird feeder outside, we began to excitedly see new visitors. I placed…

Anonymous on November 17, 2018 at 10:21 PM.

Nicely constructed feeder attracts a variety of birds and is easy to install, refill, and clean! This is a very well made window feeder. I had one back in the 1990s which was well used but difficult to refill. My kids enjoyed daily visits from a variety of birds and enjoyed identifying each one. This feeder is a one piece heavy duty acrylic unit with removable trays that slide out for easy refill. The one piece seamless construction of the main unit allows for easy cleaning. There are no seams encourage mold or mildew growth. The trays have holes for drainage and slide into the unit on…