Indiana Arrest Records And Crime Data

The state of Indiana has an extensive database of criminal reports that are being kept and maintained by the Indiana State Police. While supervising other divisions like the Criminal Investigation Division, Communications Division and Operations Support, the state police can provide Indiana Arrest Records and other offender history profiles to other law enforcement agencies, as well as the private sector. For anyone who wants to obtain other individuals’ criminal history information, the Indiana State Police definitely has the capability to provide such data.

Just like most of the other government agencies and commercial businesses today, Indiana’s state police department is taking advantage of the Internet to provide better service to its law abiding citizens. Internet technology has certainly made it easier and more practical for the general public to gain access to public documents such as arrest reports and criminal history accounts. Their official website has all the information you will need on the proper procedures on filing for a request. Unlike in the past, gathering information these days is simpler and quicker.

The general public is entitled to free access to limited arrest records and other vital documents relevant to the subject. Registered business owners and employers can request multiple name searches, costing them fifteen dollars per name. If you wish to acquire your own complete criminal history, it will take you back ten dollars. Mailing requests are also accepted in this office. The processing fee, which will be included in the mail, will cost just seven bucks. The downside, though, is that you may have to wait a few working days before you get the documents you requested.

When it comes to the complete or limited access to Indiana arrest records and other offender profiles, only law enforcement agencies and authorized businesses can access the complete information of multiple individuals. Limited data that includes Class A misdemeanor and felony arrests, however, are open to the general public. Anyone can access these documents without any problems. As previously mentioned, you can access your own complete profile, but this is only for review purposes. You can check and see if there are any inconsistencies in your report.

Apart from the Indiana State Police, the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) may also provide you with additional criminal information through its inmate database. Through a process called the Online Inmate Lookup Service, you can search criminal offenders and inmates using their last names or their IDOC identification number. The data that corresponds to each of the inmates in the database is regularly updated to maintain accuracy. For victims, there is also a Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification service that provides registered victims up-to-date information regarding specific inmates.

Another viable option for getting hold of arrest reports is utilizing a reputable commercial record provider. Data fetching services such as these are quite capable of providing comprehensive criminal reports without the need for time consuming procedures. Once you have registered an account and paid the one-time membership fee, you can essentially run unlimited background searches using the site’s extensive database of arrest records and other vital criminal history profiles. No extra charges or hidden fees.


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