Genealogy – Family Tree Research Made Easy

Genealogy – Family Tree Research Made Easy (recommended)

A wonderfully comprehensive book on researching your family tree. Poppy Sure is a genealogy expert who has put together this easy to follow book that will allow you to piece together the complete history of your family. 

This Highly Recommended Book Includes everything below (and more…) 

  • Different types of family tree you can use and which will be better for you

  • The best ways to organise your research so you uncover the important details

  • Research online in detail and how to use it really effectively

  • Research offline techniques that will make you a expert in uncovering hidden information (based on years of experiance)

  • Common mistakes you need to avoid

  • How to research deeper and further, what to do if you come to a dead-end

Highly Regarded:

If you are just starting out in the world of genealogy this is a ‘must read’ book full of useful information that is easy to follow and understand. 

What Readers Have Said…

“Wonderful guide for anyone starting to research their family tree. As you would expect well researched and easy to follow and use. I got many useful ideas” Ms G.Douglas

“I’ve had a passion for genealogy for a while now and finally decided to do something about it. This book was so helpful in getting me started. Loads of great tips and information just what I needed. It was far easier to follow than some of the other books I purchased – thank you” Mr R.Govan

“Perfect, just what I was looking for. I’ve been piecing together our family tree for just over a year and loving every minute. I’ve become fairly professional in my research and organisation but I found your book fantastic in guiding me further” Mrs S.Williams


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Frequent Customer on September 12, 2017 at 9:41 AM.

A Good and Easy Starter I found this book easy to read and and conversational in style. It gives some good starter information, particularly about websites and software (though prices may already be outdated) for those of us just embarking on genealogy. I also appreciated things like the emphasis on recording and backing up your work, and tips for using search engines most effectively. The author’s own experiences sprinkled in were purposeful and candid; the tone is informative and personal, not dry or academic. I…

jw on September 12, 2017 at 9:47 AM.

A good basic book with essential information for beginners and novices This is a useful book especially for novice genealogy hobbyists. It shows how to enter names, nicknames, and other data into fields within genealogy online programs like and computer software like Family Tree Maker to make it consistent, for example. It also provides a lot of useful tips in how to conduct research through a variety of source material and verify data one finds. I did skim over parts that were describing the writer’s experience, but that could be very interesting to…