Have You Decided to Install Landscape Lights?

You can usually purchase low voltage landscape lights kits from your local retailer, and these kits would include the transformer necessary to match your fixtures. However, there are cases when you would need to piece the project together yourself. When you need to buy a separate transformer, then it is best to bring out your calculator, as the transformers that you need, will be based on the wattage capacity. Once you have determined the total wattage capacity, you can now choose a transformer that can effectively handle it.

There is a particular wire sold separately to match the low voltage landscape lights. This will be the wire that is recommended to use for this particular type. Moreover, always make sure that the wiring that you choose is specially rated to use for outdoor purposes. The usual size on the wires would be the 12 gauge. If you have already determined the layout for the lighting, simply measure the linear distances from the placement of your transformer in order to find out the wiring lengths. But just to be safe, always add a 15% extra on the wiring.

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