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Balancing Progesterone Levels

There a number of things that doctors can look at when it comes to the reason a patient of theirs may be sick. It may be because of bad habits, whether it be smoking, eating too frequently or not enough, lack of sleep, or even stress. Less obviously, it could possibly be a dysfunction of […]

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Healing From Emotional Abuse

Get elephant’s publication Emotional and verbal abuse decrease self esteem and erode the spirit. Identifying psychological and verbal abuse is an enormous challenge. Taking action to solve an abusive situation may seem impossible. When entering a connection, the characteristics of who the people we love in many cases are over looked within an idyllic psychological […]

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What are Hybrid Saunas?

A hybrid sauna is a sauna that uses more than one heating technology to give users the best of both heating technology. This can be seen in some saunas that combine an electric heater to an infrared heater to produce both wet and dry heat as necessary. This enables the user to benefit from both […]

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