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Rottnest Island adding solar to go almost half renewables

Rottnest Island, Perth’s offshore holiday escape, will be augmenting its existing 600 kilowatt wind turbine with a 600 kilowatt solar PV installation. It is expected that these two power plants will significantly displace the use of expensive diesel fuel so that the island will obtain 45% of its 5 gigwatt-hours in annual power consumption from […]

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A Closer Look to Solar Energy

If you think of converting your home to run on solar energy, congratulations to you! It could be the smartest idea you can give your family and the environment as well. The ultimate benefit of solar energy is that homeowners are able to utilize a healthy, clean and almost free energy. Also it does not […]

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Discover What Green Energy Means For You

It’s trendy these days to find new ways to use green energy to one’s benefit. What does green energy mean? Green energy is energy that can be renewed, including technology that is energy efficient. By using these techniques, you can have a positive impact on the earth. Green energy is available for every home, and […]

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