America’s Funniest Home Videos: Guide To Parenting

Men and women have been stumbling headlong into parenthood since the dawn of time. With no formal training, no license required and no how-to manual, the results can be full of unexpected hilarity. And lucky for us, the cameras are rolling. Bob Saget hosts this side-splitting look at parenting in a one-hour America’s Funniest Home Videos theme show. With cameos by his real-life parents, Saget shows us the parent-child moments nothing could prepare us for. Also includes a bonus “double episode.”

Product Features

  • Shrink-wrapped


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Sunday family tradition

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Description is innacurate

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Do I promise to watch this DVD again and again? I do, I do! This volume contains two episodes: “Matrimony Mania,” and the 12th season $100,000 winning episode special – each approximately 40 minutes in length.The main attraction includes clips of wedding day mishaps such as a fainting groom, a teetering bride, best men, altar boys, ministers and a bride’s maid who all topple over respectively, bratty ring bearers and chaotic animals. Also featured are the $100,000 winning “Hallelujah Breakdown,” and $10,000 winning “Mystery Kisser” clips…