The Adoption Process

Are you considering adding a new member to your family?

Maybe adoption is right for you?

The adoption process can bring an energy renewal source to your life.

Surprised womanWith the addition of a new human being to your world, new avenues will open up and new life experiences will flood your world like a marching band of rainbows that will decorate your life from here on out.

The adoption process begins with registration with an adoption agency. Careful research during this phase of the adoption process is critical. There will be a large scale interview conducted during the adoption process where all parts of your life will be discussed in the effort to find out what type of child would fit in well with your life and your social situation.

In the review phase of the adoption process, the adoption agency will then review the children in the multiple database networks that hold the listing and profiles of all children that are available for adoption. Amazon Image
Some of these profile lists contain children that have a 2 to 3 year wait list. If you are searching for a baby it will be much harder to find a child that will fit your situation. If you be willing to start raising a child when they are 2 or 3, the possibilities of finding a suitable match increase incredibly.

During the adoption process, the agency will conduct a search and find children that fall within the specifications that were discussed, profiles will be shown to the perspective parents to see if any of these pictures jump out and say, “I’ve been waiting for you. Take me home.”

During this phase of the adoption process, you will be subjected to home visits to review the structural integrity and living conditions inside the home. The adoption process will also review your banking records and financial information that you provided on the initial application for adoption.

This waiting phase of the adoption process is quite natural. Regular birth mothers take about 9 months to prepare for a child’s arrival and the concept holds true for an adoption. The important part of this adoption process is to learn to relish the thought of parenthood and all that it entails.

An important part of the adoption process is to ensure the parents of the child in question have submitted individual forms that relinquish their parental rights. If one, but not both parents have done this, a delay will be necessary, for however long it takes, to locate the father or mother and get the form completed and submitted with your adoption paperwork.

After all forms are completed through the adoption process, there will be an adoption hearing where a Circuit Court Judge will decide on the fate of your particular adoption. With raving reviews, and the necessary forms that contain your information, the parents’ information and other information, the Judge will sign a degree that gives you full custody of your child.

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