A Family Affair: Spring (Truth in Lies) (Volume 2)

Heartache. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Redemption…

A Family Affair: Spring is a story of betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption, all wrapped up in the lives of the people we love to love, and even a few we love to hate.

Harry Blacksworth is rich, handsome, the ultimate playboy with a killer smile and a clever wit. He’s fought it, denied it, ignored it, but the damn truth won’t go away: He’s fallen in love. And just when he’s accepted that fact, Greta Servensen, the only woman he’s ever trusted, breaks his heart.

Christine Blacksworth and Nate Desantro beat the odds when they fell in love and married. But staying married is threatened when the foundation behind every good relationship–trust–is challenged. 

Gloria Blacksworth descends upon Magdalena in all of her designer-clad arrogance, determined to make Christine change her course and return to Chicago and her old life. It may take a well-planted lie or two, but Gloria doesn’t plan to fail. When she finally confronts Miriam Desantro, the “other woman”, Gloria discovers more than she ever wanted to know… or admit.

Angelo “Pop” Benito is The Godfather of Magdalena. Nothing happens in that town without his knowledge or approval. And Pop doesn’t do anything without a long sit-down with his dead wife, Lucy, and a half dozen pizzelles by his side. He’ll need a lot of lung power and a tray of his favorite treat to help Nate and Christine out of a real mess. And he may need the help of his checkers buddy and Magdalena’s shining star, Lily Desantro. 

Truth in Lies Series:
Book One: A Family Affair
Book Two: A Family Affair: Spring
Book Three: A Family Affair: Summer
Book Four: A Family Affair: Fall
Book Five: A Family Affair: Christmas
Book Six: A Family Affair: Winter
Book Seven: A Family Affair: The Promise
Book Eight: A Family Affair: The Secret
Book Nine: A Family Affair: The Wish
Book Ten: A Family Affair: The Gift
Book Eleven: A Family Affair: The Weddings
Book Twelve: A Family Affair: The Cabin

Book Thirteen: A Family Affair: The Return

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Red on June 17, 2017 at 1:09 AM.

This was okay but not as good as book 2 This was okay but not as good as book 2. I only ordered it hoping for more of the main characters. I did enjoy Uncle Harry and Greta’s story, too. I just don’t like all the other story getting in the way. Too much filler about Pop and trying to start a new story about some guy named Cash. I think this whole start to this series would have been so much better if it would have had way more Christine and Nate. That’s what I wanted to read. Overall not bad but the whole thing with Gloria and the…

JigsawGirl on June 17, 2017 at 1:37 AM.

Secrets and Lies Although this can be read as a standalone, I think it will be much more enjoyable if Book 1 is read first. It provides much more detail about Nate, Christine, Pops, Harry, Greta, and Lily.Nate and Christine both struggle with trust issues. Christine’s mother, Gloria, puts their relationship to the test. Harry finds his life is rapidly changing. Will he be able to handle it? Christine has a secret and she hasn’t shared it with Nate, or anyone rise. Maybe she won’t. Lily and Pops…

Beverly A Treisch on June 17, 2017 at 2:07 AM.

Another great book by Mary