10 Tips for Getting Best Prices from Merry Maids and House Cleaning Companies

House cleaning services benefit homeowners in lots of ways. But still, whether or not a homeowner will hire a professional house cleaning company like Merry Maids is not an easy decision to take especially when budgets are rather tight. Tight budgets always make things problematic due to the limited number of available options. At times, homeowners end up wasting money for hiring an incompetent cleaning company that persuades them with the lowest cleaning services prices. Interestingly, a professional house cleaning company does not always charge for higher prices. With several simple tips, everyone can even manage to have a well-cleaned and maintained house by using excellent cleaning services without sacrificing their shopping budgets.

How to Get Affordable Cleaning Services Prices?

#1. Searching for discount offers or promos

Most janitorial companies are always trying to engage new customers while maintaining relationships with their existing buyers. Discount offers or promos are periodically spread out especially on special occasions such as the companies’ anniversary day, holidays, or others. The information about the offers or promos can be obtained on magazines, newspapers or coupon sites.

#2. Providing houses for training

If you have a close professional relationship with a house cleaning company, you can ask if you can provide your house for the company’s training house. If it works, you may be given the prices that are much lower than the regular cleaning services prices.

#3. Joining referral program

Many cleaning companies make a referral program to expand their market. Discounts are available for the customers who have referred other customers to their company.

#4. Using a local cleaning company

Most house cleaning companies add a trip charge. The farther your house is, the more they charge you. Thus, consider selecting one or two cleaning companies that are located in your neighborhood.

#5. Maintaining the cleanliness of your house

A dirty, untidy house will need more things to do; it can take hours of cleaning. If the services are paid per hour or per cleaning action, you should be worried about your bill.

#6. Having a few rooms cleaned at a visit

Not all of the rooms in your house need deep cleaning very often. You can clean bedrooms or bathrooms once a week while you clean kitchen or living room twice a week.

#7. Skip the hard floors

The cleaning and maintenance of the hard floors can incur extra costs; thus, you can ask the cleaners to just vacuum the hard floors.

#8. Taking a regular cleaning plan

Most cleaning companies offer customized cleaning plans. The customization is likely to charge you for more. Just take a regular cleaning plan, instead.

#9. Signing up for a regular service schedule

Regular services in high frequency will charge you less because they are likely to be considered as maintenance cleaning services. In the long run, regular services are more cost-effective.

#10. Making your pet a home out of the main house

Many cleaning services will charge for more money if you have a pet live in your main house because they will need to consider the addition of more suitable products and equipment.

Applying all the tips into your house cleaning strategy will absolutely help you get lower cleaning services prices without sacrificing quality.

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