Reverse Charades Board Game – Fun & Hilarious Family Games – For All Ages – Perfect for Parties and Gatherings

Charades is better when everyone gets into the act! Award winning Reverse Charades is a hilarious twist on the classic game of charades. Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, a team acts out clues for one person to guess. Now everyone is in on the fun! In 60 seconds, teams attempt to guess as many words or phrases as they can. The team with the most correct guesses wins. Perfect for family fun, parties or team building. Now everyone is in on the fun! In 60 seconds, teams attempt to guess as many words or phrases as they can. The team with the most correct guesses wins. Perfect for family fun, parties or team building.

Product Features

  • CHARADES WITH A TWIST | Let’s get real… charades is fun, but Reverse Charades is a BLAST! Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, a team acts out clues for one person, so now everyone is in on the fun!
  • EASY TO LEARN, FUN TO PLAY | You’ll be having the time of your life seconds after you open the box! With a super fast setup and learning curve, you can add some life and energy to your party.
  • MULTIGENERATIONAL FUN | Create fun memories with family and friends of all ages with Reverse Charades! You won’t find anyone bored at your party or get together with Reverse Charades providing all the entertainment you’ll need.
  • PERFECT ICE BREAKER | Weather it’s for a family party or a team building activity, Reverse Charades will have everyone laughing in no time.
  • SPORTS EDITION | Are you a sports fan? Reverse Charades: Sports Edition features a plethora of charades cards with your favorite sporty topics.


Womens Twins Parenting Yes I’m tired Mom Dad funny tshirt Small Heather Blue

Product Features

  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem


Instant Florida Background Check And Criminal Status Check

Carrying out Florida Background Check is mandatory for security purposes. For one, hiring agencies perform such investigation to find out about the important past details of the person. Beginning August 1, 2010 a new law was implemented that required stricter procedure of history evaluation specifically with jobs relating to caring for children, the elderly and disabled in Florida. This means that caregivers will need to pass a nationwide record assessment prior to working as stated by the regulation.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement or FDLE describes a “background check” as a criminal history record test to determine if a person has ever been arrested and/or convicted of a wrongdoing. There are two categories of verifying the history of a person in Florida. Level 1, basically pertains to reviewing a name and past employment. Level 2 meanwhile, refers to a state and national investigation with basis upon fingerprints. Such intensive screening applies to positions of responsibility or trust.

In Florida, FDLE is the main warehouse of all criminal history information across the region. Aside from its task to uphold illicit history data, this office is also in-charge of providing such information to any member of the public needing it. Requests can be done using the name or fingerprint of the concerned individual with official charge of $24.00 per record verification. Applications should include a return address, name or any aliases of the subject, date of birth or estimated age, race and sex.

Moreover, FDLE has created Computerized Criminal History (CCH) which encompasses serious arrests in Florida. Through this automated system, results will be presented during the session. Fees will be accepted via valid credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. However certified documents cannot be processed through this mean. Such requests need to be accomplished using mail and you can expect five business days for processing period excluding postal delivery time.

List of sexual offenders in the State is also open and accessible to everyone through the Sexual Offender Database in FDLE. It is mandated that educational institutions seek these documents to make sure that any soon-to-be volunteers are not registered in the database. Even those contractors working for the school who are exempted from history verifications must have their names checked via this registry.

With the need to hire only the most eligible candidates, conducting Employment Background Check has never been greater in Florida and the entire country for that matter. Today, with the vast selection of account retrievers online, you can never go wrong with making sure that you are with the right person. Devoid of any hassle from tedious paper works, sitting back and just employing professional service providers online to get such document is the easiest thing to do. Simply pay a nominal amount and you get quality results in no time.

The Children of the Nakba: A novel of the Arab-Israeli conflict

Based-on-a-true-story, this suspenseful and explosive novel takes you right into the heart of the worst terrorist attack ever on Israeli soil. Abu Jihad, head of the Palestinian terrorist organization Fatah, and chief instigator of the Civil War raging in Lebanon, has serious problems. On the brink of exposure in an affair with one of his female Lieutenants–a mistake sure to outrage the conservative Middle East leaders backing him, he’s terrified it will also set off a blood-feud with his wife’s violent relatives. And Egypt has shockingly extended an olive branch to Israel. His entire vicious empire depends on endless war between Arabs and Jews. If Israel accepts, the U.S.A. gets involved, and peace breaks out, he’ll be out of a job! All his power and prestige, not to mention his bodyguards–gone! Jihad schemes up the perfect solution. He’ll show everyone there can be no peace in the Middle East without a homeland for the Palestinians. And be rid of his troublesome lover at the same time! He recruits a band of killers from the Lebanese War, appoints his lover one of the leaders and his best warrior as the other, and launches them on an amphibious suicide attack on Tel Aviv to sabotage the peace process. Betrayed and abandoned in a storm, the terrorists are shipwrecked 40 miles north of their target. Determined to fulfill their mission they seize 70 hostages as human shields and charge south on a murderous rampage. Israeli Security forces are caught flat-footed on the Shabbat. At first no-one will believe it is happening. Events are moving too fast for Israel’s elite Special Forces to come to the rescue. If falls to a makeshift force; a few Police SWAT team members, poorly armed traffic-policemen and off-duty soldiers, to defend the nation. Can these heroes, fighting a running battle nearly the length of the country, prevent the terrorists from reaching their helpless target and wreaking unimaginable havoc? Sound far-fetched? The backstory is literally from the front page of the New York Times.


The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

Unlock the secrets in your DNA!

Discover the answers to your family history mysteries using the most-cutting edge tool available. This plain-English guide is a one-stop resource for how to use DNA testing for genealogy. Inside, you’ll find guidance on what DNA tests are available, plus the methodologies and pros and cons of the three major testing companies and advice on choosing the right test to answer your specific genealogy questions. And once you’ve taken a DNA test, this guide will demystify the often-overwhelming subject and explain how to interpret DNA test results, including how to understand ethnicity estimates and haplogroup designations, navigate suggested cousin matches, and use third-party tools like GEDmatch to further analyze your data. To give you a holistic view of genetic testing for ancestry, the book also discusses the ethics and future of genetic genealogy, as well as how adoptees and others who know little about their ancestry can especially benefit from DNA testing.

The book features:

  • Colorful diagrams and expert definitions that explain key DNA terms and concepts such as haplogroups and DNA inheritance patterns
  • Detailed guides to each of the major kinds of DNA tests and which tests can solve which family mysteries, with case studies showing how each can be useful
  • Information about third-party tools you can use to more thoroughly analyze your test results once you’ve received them
  • Test comparison guides and research forms to help you select the most appropriate DNA test and organize your results and research once you’ve been tested

Whether you’ve just heard of DNA testing or you’ve tested at all three major companies, this guide will give you the tools you need to unpuzzle your DNA and discover what it can tell you about your family tree.

Product Features

  • The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy


Mauk Family Farms Organic Raw Crusts, Wheat Free, 4 Ounce

Serving suggestions – nut butter & sliced fruit – warm goat cheese & baked garlic – traditional pizza toppings & cheese – guacamole and lettuce, onion & salsa – cream cheese & blueberry marmalade

Product Features

  • Grain Free, Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Serving suggestions – nut butter & sliced fruit
  • Serving suggestions – warm goat cheese & baked garlic
  • Serving suggestions – traditional pizza toppings & cheese


Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Sensitive, 480 Count, Flip-Top Packs

Available in sensitive, unscented, and fresh scent

We were inspired by you, our customers.

You told us what you like and don’t like about baby wipes, and we were inspired to make a better product.

We chose our manufacturer, Nice-Pak, because of their 50+ years of expertise in the world of wipes. We combined their know-how with your wipes wish list to build a fantastic baby wipe through joint development efforts, multiple prototypes, lab tests, and home testing by Amazon moms and dads. The end result is a baby wipe that’s truly designed for you—it’s soft enough for a newborn, but sturdy enough to get the job done.

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Wipes that delight.

We offer three varieties: sensitive, unscented, and fresh scent. You can also choose between convenient flip-top packs for around the house or on the go, and resealable packs with a tub—perfect for the changing table.

Our sensitive baby wipes include:

  • Gentle chamomile to soothe delicate skin
  • Pharmaceutical-grade purified water for clean, gentle wipes
  • Flip-top lid for easy dispensing and lasting freshness, great for on the go

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Where It’s From

Purified Water

Pharmaceutical-grade purified water makes up at least 97.9% of the liquid found in Amazon Elements Baby Wipes. The process starts with drinking water from the underground White Lick Creek Aquifer in Mooresville, Indiana. After the water is collected, it’s purified in several stages—sedimentation, charcoal filtration, deionization, and ultraviolet disinfection. The end result? A wipe that’s safe and gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. (And yep, that’s really a photo of White Lick Creek.)

Sourced in
Mooresville, IN

Chamomile Flower Extract

The chamomile extracts in Amazon Elements Baby Wipes come from Lewisville, Texas, from a company with over 30 years of experience harvesting, manufacturing, and distributing natural botanical extracts. A cold extraction process is employed to sidestep potential heat damage, which helps maximize chamomile’s ability to relieve extra-sensitive skin.

Sourced in Lewisville, TX

Our Supplier

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes are made in Mooresville, Indiana by the wet-wipe experts at Nice-Pak Products, Inc.—a family-owned company since their founding in 1957. The baby wipes are produced in a zero-landfill plant: waste is recycled, and the remainder is converted to steam heat. The recyclable lid on the flip-top pack can go straight to the recycling bin—helping Nice-Pak reduce plastic use by 36% per year compared to their previous lid. We’re proud to have teamed up with them to deliver your wipes.

Located in Mooresville, IN

What It’s Made Of

These baby wipes soothe extra-sensitive skin with chamomile extract. We evaluated each ingredient to determine whether or not it should be included—these are all common components to baby wipes, and together they make the wipe more effective and help keep it fresh. We’ve included details on the ingredients and their origins below, giving you transparency into the products you buy for your family.

Some ingredients list more than one source due to changes in availability; scan the unique code on your pack with the Amazon mobile app to learn the specific source.

Contents (in order of prevalence)

Polyester, Viscose & Polypropylene

Blended together, these fibers form a soft, strong cloth wipe. (Liaoning Province, China)

Purified Water

Moistens wipes. (Mooresville, IN)

Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract

Also known as chamomile; soothes sensitive skin. (Lewisville, TX)

See all ingredients

Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate

Derived from coconut oil; works with polysorbate 20 to provide gentle cleansing. (University Park, IL)

Polysorbate 20

Provides gentle cleansing. By combining with disodium cocoamphodiacetate this ingredient becomes more effective. (Gurnee, IL)

Citric Acid

Prevents pH from going too high, ensuring wipes stay gentle on delicate areas. (Tienen, Belgium or Southport, NC)

Disodium Phosphate

Prevents pH from going too low, ensuring wipes stay gentle on delicate areas. (Augusta, GA or Lawrence, KS)

Disodium EDTA

Preserves wipe freshness by targeting specific types of contaminants. (Ludwigshafen, Germany or Freeport, TX)


Preserves wipe freshness by targeting specific types of contaminants. (Freeport, TX)

Sodium Benzoate

Preserves wipe freshness by targeting specific types of contaminants. (Kalama, WA)

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes
never contain:

Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), Phthalates, Bronopol, Dyes, or Alcohol.

A New Level of Transparency

We’re committed to sharing an unprecedented level of detail about each Amazon Elements item. Each pack of Amazon Elements Baby Wipes includes a unique code, which we use to track its specific ingredients and their origins, date and place of manufacture, date of delivery, and ‘best by’ date. You can access all that information just by scanning your unique code. You can also scan to easily re-order, write a review, or contact us with questions. To scan your code, use the Amazon mobile app on your smart phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I use these baby wipes to clean other parts of my baby?
    • Yes. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes are safe for cleaning your baby’s hands, feet, face, and diaper area. Baby wipes should not be used to clean inside your baby’s mouth, nose, ears, or eyes.

    See all questions and answers

    • What ingredients do you keep out of your baby wipes?
    • Amazon Elements Baby Wipes never contain:
      • Parabens: Sometimes personal care products use parabens as a preservative; Amazon Elements Baby Wipes don’t contain parabens because of customer concerns around their effect on hormone function and development.
      • Methylisothiazolinone: Also known as ‘MIT’, this is a preservative that is sometimes used in baby wipes, and is also sometimes used in personal care products like shampoos and lotions. It has come under some scrutiny from parents because it’s classified as a sensitizer, which means it could cause contact allergies when touching skin.
      • Phthalates: Fragrances sometimes use phthalates; Amazon Elements Baby Wipes don’t contain phthalates due to their potential for hormone disruption.
      • Bronopol: Has been used as a preservative in baby wipes; Amazon Elements Baby Wipes don’t include bronopol because it is considered a formaldehyde donor, meaning under certain conditions it can break down to produce formaldehyde and cause contact allergies.
      • Dyes: Many personal care products—such as shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics—include dyes to make the product a more attractive color. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes don’t contain dyes because we didn’t want to include any unnecessary synthetic ingredients.
      • Alcohol: Cleaning wipes for the kitchen and bathroom sometimes include alcohol. You won’t find alcohol in Amazon Elements Baby Wipes because it can be irritating on delicate skin.
    • Can I rehydrate baby wipes that have dried out?
    • Unfortunately, no. Our wipes are manufactured using pharmaceutical-grade purified water to keep them clean and effective; adding tap or bottled water might cause discoloration, odor, or even unwanted growths on the wipes.
    • Are the baby wipes recyclable?
    • The plastic lid and cardboard box used in shipment can be recycled. The wipes themselves and the plastic wrap around them need to be thrown away—just be sure to remove and recycle the plastic lid first!
    • Can I flush these baby wipes?
    • No, the wipes aren’t flushable.
    • How long do these baby wipes last?
    • The recommended shelf life of Amazon Elements Baby Wipes is 2 years. You can scan the unique code on your package with the Amazon mobile app to find its ‘best by’ date.
    • Can I still use these if they’ve been left in a hot car?
    • Being left in a hot car can cause wipes to dry out more quickly if the container isn’t properly sealed, but the product will still be safe to use.
    • Do baby wipes cause diaper rash?
    • Diaper rash has a number of possible causes, including prolonged exposure to a wet or dirty diaper, rubbing and chafing caused by poor diaper fit, and even infections or allergic reactions. If you have any questions or concerns about diaper rash, please consult your pediatrician.
    • How can I get samples of this product to try before I buy?
    • Samples are not currently available, but we encourage you to go ahead and give the baby wipes a try—as with all Amazon Elements products, if you don’t love them, we’ll give you a full refund.
    • Who are the babies in your product photos?
    • Almost every baby you see has a mom or dad working here at Amazon.

Amazon prides itself on being Earth’s most customer-centric company. Customers were the inspiration for Amazon Elements, our own line of everyday essentials. We know it’s challenging to navigate all the choices and marketing messages you face while shopping for your family. We thought we could do better in three ways: listening to your feedback for what matters most, making products that live up to your high standards, and sharing every detail to inform your decisions.

When we start developing an Amazon Elements product, we first listen to your feedback and learn what matters most to you. Then we work with manufacturers to make the same decisions we believe you would make if you were calling the shots. For example, we made our baby wipes strong and stretchy, since you told us you hate it when they tear coming out of the dispenser.

We’re committed to giving you every detail about our products. This starts with why we made it, how we designed it, who manufactured it, and what ingredients we included. And once you have an Amazon Elements item at home, you can scan its unique code with the Amazon mobile app to learn when and where that exact item was made, when it was ordered, when it was delivered, and its ‘best by’ date. We will also give you quick access to all of the supplier and ingredient information provided on the product page.

We’re proud to stand behind every Amazon Elements product. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund.

Learn more about Amazon Elements Learn more about Amazon Elements Learn more about Amazon Elements

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Product Features

  • Six flip-top packs for on the go
  • – Strong, soft, large, and textured for cleaning hands, face, and diaper area
  • – Free of added fragrances, parabens, dyes, alcohol, phthalates, bronopol, and methylisothiazolinone
  • – Available in Sensitive, Unscented, and Fresh Scent. Comes in 6 flip-top packs or 9 resealable packs with storage tub
  • – Dispose of used wipes in trash


Understanding Georgia Arrests Files

Usually, Georgia Arrests Records carries pertinent more understanding about anybody which has been arrested or sentenced to jail for eventually. This type of file is generally produced while using the arresting law enforcer. Her kinds of violations committed through an individual as pointed out above using the understanding within the officer. Bear in mind the amount of inside the documented details might not be realistic whatsoever.

During this Condition, the Georgia Crime Information Center, that was established in 1973, provides round-the-clock service for everybody who wish to finish up in this particular info. This agency is underneath the Georgia Bureau of research. Consider though that instances may deny everybody from acquiring this data as outlined above while using the rules and rules within the government.

The majority of the counties in the fitness of Georgia require that requires this sort of file ought to be made personally, however a signed release is not needed. Others also accept orders through phone, mail or fax. You might request their own file or other person’s arrest record from your police department or sheriff’s office. Requesters need to ensure their applications supply the needed fingerprints.

The traditional information which can be introduced about while seeking by using this file includes the issue number, date of charges when filed, offense charge, nature of crime, disposition and sentencing date. Furthermore, it informs within the involved person’s physical characteristics, family background date of trial, if needed. Additionally, the arresting agency, date of detention and expenses filed are furthermore suggested for that document.

In requesting applying this account, it’s important that you simply provide some information regarding your subject for example his name, birth date and residential address. Otherwise, you might finish tabs on the incorrect internet internet internet internet search engine results or worse undergo a complicated types of searching. Public databases and condition archives are acknowledged to hold a number of these files hence, getting insufficient data could make the procedure rather timewasting and painstaking.

Of individuals modern occasions, the net has furthermore paved a process for everybody to operate trying to find Criminal Offender Records Liberal To Public simpler and instantly. Within this method, you doesn’t be worried about allotting the required time to complete the whole strategy. Only a couple of momemts of the person’s is required to the anticipated make actual convenience of your home or office. Make certain that you simply select a skilled record provider that charges somewhat fee only.

Child Mannequin Dress Form White on Adjustable Black Tripod Base Size Large 27″23″26″ (French Series) Made By OM

Very basic but beautiful dress form is perfect for displaying, suits, pants and pretty much all clothing. This dress form will also work for basic sewing. The actual torso is made of fiberglass and is covered with material and foam.

Product Features

  • Height of torso with Base: 4ft 4 Inches adjustable to 60 inches. Height of torso Torso Only: 22.5 Inches Shoulder to Shoulder: 13.5 Inches Bust: 27 Inches Waist: 23 Inches Hips: 26 Inches
  • Features a thin foam layer to allow pinning into the material around the form.
  • Largest Selection of Mannequins! Great Customer Service! Any Questions Let us Know!


The Family Under the Bridge

The heartwarming and memorable Newbery Honor-winning book about finding family in the unlikeliest places, featuring artwork by beloved illustrator Garth Williams.

Armand, an old Parisian living on the streets of Paris, relished his solitary life. He begged and did odd jobs for money to keep himself warm and fed, and he liked his carefree life.

Then one day just before Christmas, a struggling mother and her three children walked into his life. Though he tried to ignore their troubles, Armand soon found himself caring for the family and sharing his unusual home under the bridge with them. It did not take Armand very long to realize that he had gotten himself ready-made family; one that he loved with all his heart, and one for whom he would have to find a better home than the bridge.

Children will treasure this warm and funny adventure of family, freedom, and Santa Claus. The book includes illustrations by Garth Williams, the acclaimed illustrator of E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series, among many other books.

Product Features

  • Weight – 36
  • Depth – 5.13
  • Width – 5.63
  • Height – 0.50


Parenting in the Spotlight: How to raise a child star without screwing them up

When your child wants to become an actor, you may be thrilled and a little scared. The entertainment industry can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you know when to hire an agent and a manager or what kind of clothing should be worn to auditions? What about taxes, school, and helping your child cope with rejection? What’s the best way to ensure that your child actor has a successful experience and doesn’t end up in the tabloids? Denise Simon has spent 30 years as an Acting Coach, Personal Talent Manager, and Director, specializing in child actors. She’s worked with some of the best and brightest young actors in television, film, commercials and on Broadway. In this book, Simon shares not only the practical how-to information all parents need but more than 75 valuable life lessons that acting will give your child. This book will give you: • Tools for ensuring your child is protected and happy • Tips for successful auditions • Information on getting into top college theater programs • Secrets from casting directors and industry insiders • 75+ life lessons that will benefit your child today and in adulthood Filled with quotes and stories from successful child actors, parents, agents, casting directors, and university theater admissions directors, this book provides parents with a wealth of practical information. Additionally, you’ll glean priceless tips on how to help your child thrive in the acting industry and reap life lessons that will ensure a successful adulthood.


The Family Cruise Companion’s Guide to Cruising with Kids

When you’re planning a cruise with young children, many people will try to warn you off the idea. They’ll tell you that you shouldn’t take children on a cruise and that an ocean liner is no place for little kids. But don’t be discouraged!

Concise and comprehensive, The Family Cruise Companion’s Guide to Cruising with Kids offers you all the information you need to prove the naysayers wrong.

Under the expert guidance of experienced traveler Elaine M. Warren, you’ll discover the special arrangements you need to make when planning a cruise with toddlers or infants in tow, how to choose cruise lines with child-friendly amenities, and how to make life in a small stateroom as comfortable and safe for your children as possible.

Warren takes you through all aspects of cruising with children, from considering onboard entertainment options and shipboard child care to travel insurance and preventing exposure to illness on the high seas. You’ll learn packing strategies for parents of small children and how to select off-ship activities that are best suited for families.

A cruise can be a fun experience for the entire family. Don’t deny yourself and your family the joys of cruising just because the kids are young. Follow Warren’s advice, and you’ll be able to travel and cruise with confidence, knowing you have every contingency covered.


Parenting Toddlers: How to Deal with Toddlers’ Tantrums Effectively & Other Advice for Parents at the End of their Tether! (Parenting, Toddlers Tantrums, Better Parenting Series) (Volume 1)

Parenting Toddlers. How to Deal with Toddlers’ Tantrums Effectively & Other Advice for Parents at the End of their Tether!

So the baby period is over and all those gorgeous baby smiles and tender moments of nursing your little bundle of joy have slowly but surely been replaced by the raging torrent of toddlerhood. How on earth did the light of your life turn into a little bundle of mischief with uncontrollable bouts of wilful abandon? *******Discounted for a limited period only******* Dont fear, this period albeit an challenging one can also be a wonderful period of bonding further with your child. There will be times when you ever wondered why you had children and just feel like crying! However, with this guide you will be armed with the extra knowledge and the reassurance you are not alone and seeking help and guidance from this book and others will have you rounding up the terrible toddler and nurturing them into a well rounded little junior. Discounted for a limited period, usually $9.99 So what are you waiting for, grab this guide today and discover how you can take simple steps to make the toddlers years as pain free and as enjoyable. as they should be.

Here’s A Preview Of Whats Inside……

  • Why Toddlers Push Boundaries
  • Potty Training Made East
  • Dealing With Fussy Eaters
  • Bathtime Battles
  • Do’s and Donts of Discipline
  • Parental Preparation
  • Staying Sane
  • How to Relax and Enjoy Your Toddlers
  • And Much More!

Get your copy today to receive all of this information!


Galveston County Marriage Records

There are a variety of public records which one can refer to in case one needs to do some research on a particular person’s lineage. One of these vital documents is the marriage certificate. Such report can give you the precise and full information regarding the maiden name of a certain married woman which can greatly help individuals in finding out a person’s heritage. If you happen to come by and visit the state of Texas, you might want to search for some facts which can lead you to locate some of your relatives in the said region. You can delve into the Galveston County Marriage Records for quick answers to your inquiries.

You can also communicate with the Galveston County Clerk if you need to have a physical copy of a specific marriage certificate. The said agency also operates an online facility equipped with a comprehensive database from which the general public can browse vital records including the registry of marriage license issued in the district. The said online feature contains marriage indexes which reveal essential details such as the complete names of the bride and groom, the date of application of the marriage permit and the marriage license number. In case you want to obtain a copy of your marriage license, you can make a request by visiting the above-mentioned office or you can send your demand via mail.

All marriage incidents that came about in the state of Texas are maintained by the Texas Department of State Health Services through its Vital Records Office. The said bureau makes available to the general public, all marriage accounts from way back 1966 up to the current time. One must keep in mind that the said agency can only make verification on a particular marriage event. This means that the aforementioned office can only disclose information such as the complete names of the couple and the date and place of the marital union. A certified copy of a marriage decree can only be obtained from the county clerk where the wedding ceremony occurred.

One can also proceed with marriage verification via the worldwide web through approved online channels. Normally, orders made via the Internet will have a processing period that can take for about 10 to 15 working days. The applicable fees are also stated online and the costs must be paid via credit or debit cards only. It is also worthy to note that cancellation of request is not allowed especially if you already received a confirmation of your order. In the event that the record you want is not found, you cannot expect a return of the payment you made since the said web resource has a no refund policy.

The Galveston County marriage license records can now be conveniently accessed with the aid of the worldwide web. The specific details which you need to know on a particular marriage license can be viewed in a breeze through the different web locations sanctioned by the state to give such details. However, there are also privately-owned online sites that can do as much without charging you any cost or with a minimal one-time registration fee to avail their services.

A Family Affair

A Family Affair is a contemporary romance about a woman who discovers her recently deceased father has a secret family. As she explores this family, (and encounters her love interest), she begins to question which family is the real one; the one that carries his name or the one he visited four days every month?

Product Features

  • Great product!


Children’s Books: EVERYONE HAS A MOTHER: (Fun, Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book, for Beginner Readers, Honoring Mothers of all Kinds, Including Animals, Ages 2-8)

From cats and dogs and birds and squirrels and goats and turtles to llamas, sheep, cows, chickens, bears and elephants, hippos, rhinos, even giraffes, frogs and fish– all have mothers. Whimsical illustrations of animals, insects, reptiles, as well as people, bring home the message that everyone has a mother. The idea is amusingly stated in rhyme to delight any small child and honor any mother. Over 30 happy and colorful illustrations dance across the pages.


A Family Affair: Spring (Truth in Lies) (Volume 2)

Heartache. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Redemption…

A Family Affair: Spring is a story of betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption, all wrapped up in the lives of the people we love to love, and even a few we love to hate.

Harry Blacksworth is rich, handsome, the ultimate playboy with a killer smile and a clever wit. He’s fought it, denied it, ignored it, but the damn truth won’t go away: He’s fallen in love. And just when he’s accepted that fact, Greta Servensen, the only woman he’s ever trusted, breaks his heart.

Christine Blacksworth and Nate Desantro beat the odds when they fell in love and married. But staying married is threatened when the foundation behind every good relationship–trust–is challenged. 

Gloria Blacksworth descends upon Magdalena in all of her designer-clad arrogance, determined to make Christine change her course and return to Chicago and her old life. It may take a well-planted lie or two, but Gloria doesn’t plan to fail. When she finally confronts Miriam Desantro, the “other woman”, Gloria discovers more than she ever wanted to know… or admit.

Angelo “Pop” Benito is The Godfather of Magdalena. Nothing happens in that town without his knowledge or approval. And Pop doesn’t do anything without a long sit-down with his dead wife, Lucy, and a half dozen pizzelles by his side. He’ll need a lot of lung power and a tray of his favorite treat to help Nate and Christine out of a real mess. And he may need the help of his checkers buddy and Magdalena’s shining star, Lily Desantro. 

Truth in Lies Series:
Book One: A Family Affair
Book Two: A Family Affair: Spring
Book Three: A Family Affair: Summer
Book Four: A Family Affair: Fall
Book Five: A Family Affair: Christmas
Book Six: A Family Affair: Winter
Book Seven: A Family Affair: The Promise
Book Eight: A Family Affair: The Secret
Book Nine: A Family Affair: The Wish
Book Ten: A Family Affair: The Gift
Book Eleven: A Family Affair: The Weddings
Book Twelve: A Family Affair: The Cabin

Book Thirteen: A Family Affair: The Return

Don’t miss That Second Chance series:
Book One: Pulling Home – (Also prequel to A Family Affair: The Promise)
Book Two: The Way They Were – (Also prequel to A Family Affair: The Secret)
Book Three: Simple Riches – (Also prequel to A Family Affair: Winter)
Book Four: Paradise Found – (Also prequel to A Family Affair: The Wish)
Book Five: Not Your Everyday Housewife – (Also prequel to A Family Affair: The Gift)
Book Six: The Butterfly Garden – (Also Prequel to A Family Affair: The Return)


Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Is your child halfway through first grade and still unable to read? Is your preschooler bored with coloring and ready for reading? Do you want to help your child read, but are afraid you’ll do something wrong?

SRAs DISTAR® is the most successful beginning reading program available to schools across the country. Research has proven that children taught by the DISTAR® method outperform their peers who receive instruction from other programs. Now for the first time, this program has been adapted for parent and child to use at home. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a complete, step-by-step program that shows patents simply and clearly how to teach their children to read.

Twenty minutes a day is all you need, and within 100 teaching days your child will be reading on a solid second-grade reading level. It’s a sensible, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable way to help your child gain the essential skills of reading. Everything you need is here — no paste, no scissors, no flash cards, no complicated directions — just you and your child learning together. One hundred lessons, fully illustrated and color-coded for clarity, give your child the basic and more advanced skills needed to become a good reader.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons will bring you and your child closer together, while giving your child the reading skills needed now, for a better chance at tomorrow.

Product Features

  • Simon Schuster


Baby Kids Long Nose Elephant Doll Soft Plush Stuff Toys Lumbar Cushion Pillow

Soft plush cover with fullfilled PP cotton, perfect for kids Measurement: 21*18*9.2 Inches Funny toys and best sleep pillows for your kids, it will be your kid’s best friend. Care instructions Machine wash, warm 104 F (40°C), delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, low temperature. Do not iron. Do not dryclean.

Product Features

  • Soft plush cover with fullfilled PP cotton, perfect for kids
  • Measurement: 21*18*9.2 Inches (Measurement error, received prevailed)
  • Color: Grey Blue Yellow Pink Purple (Color error, received prevailed)
  • Funny toys and best sleep pillows for your kids, it will be your kid’s best friend
  • Care instructions Machine wash, warm 104 F (40°C), delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, low temperature. Do not iron. Do not dryclean.


Checking Status On Public Records No Fee

Public Records No Fee speak of various huge documents being compiled by the government in the effort to preserve legal information for future legitimate purposes. They comprise those that are maintained before the clerk of court which are the court records, vital records being archived by the state and county recorders, and the other government law enforcement agencies that are in one way or another join the objective in becoming transparent to public through the public documents. These vital reports include the marriage records, divorce, birth and death. Divorce records are part of the files being updated under the custody of the clerk of court.

All the transactions done in regards to the preservation of government records and the distribution of it to public have to go in harmony with the existing national constitution. The respective States also have their specific rulings on how to govern such reports. Thus, anyone who wishes to perform records search or records retrieval must be acquainted or familiar with all the details that go along with the search procedure. The key would be to follow the follow the laws and cooperate with the officials and authorities who will be accommodating your request.

In the past, legal reports are only compiled and made accessible at the State level where they had created a centralized database for all State residents to perform the lookup. But today, it is made much more convenient by bringing the information closer to the applicants. This is realized by putting some station or agencies at the county level where individuals can initiate the search without going to the State’s main records office at all. Such a development is indeed a blessing to the county residents for it will save them a lot of time and effort to do the entire process.

As time goes by, government leaders and officials have made the retrieval of records even handier to execute by paving the way for an electronic solution in the act of obtaining copies of a particular report. Thus, all the states have their respective official websites and so are the counties have their webpages too with the aim to modernize the method of delivering the legal details to people. Hence, the public will just have to explore on these websites, learn how to navigate and find-out how to download the information that you are looking for.

So, anybody may accomplish the search now at the county level since there are already local agencies that are authorized to provide the information on public records. You may go to a police station for the arrest records and other law enforcement units if you are to perform a history check on someone. You may visit the county’s clerk of court in search for a divorce record if you want to check on the real civil status of a person. Also, for vital documents searches you may visit in person the county recorder to ask for the reports on marriage, death and birth.

Note that you are going to be paying certain fees in the act of doing the records request. You have to contact the office concerned to find out how much exactly you are going to prepare. Also, the typical formalities have to be completed like the filling out of forms and the showing of personal documents to prove that you are an eligible applicant. However, all these steps are now replaced with the existence of an online records solution which enables to supply the data on free public records in just a matter of minutes. This comes true with the use of computers being connected to the Internet. Thus, public information can now be acquired from home with complete convenience.